General Nassuc was the leader of the Palamarian Freedom Brigade and mortal enemy of the Regent of Palamar. Nassuc formerly served as a soldier under the Regent, who made her a general and groomed her to inherit his army. However, Nassuc instead declared independence for her homeworld, an action the Regent saw as a betrayal.

In 2373, General Nassuc was invited to Deep Space 9 by Quark, who offered to sell her biogenic weapons for use against the Regent. Unknown to her, the Regent was already aboard the station for the same purpose. Quark arranged for the two sides to "accidentally" meet, and they immediately fired on each other. Nassuc sent purification squads after the Regent, and arms dealers Hagath and Gaila. (DS9: "Business as Usual")

Nassuc was portrayed by an unknown actress.
According to the script, her name was pronounced as "NAH-sook". [1]

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