Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
For the similarly-named Human, please see Natalie.

Natalia was an alien woman staying at Yorktown in 2263 of the alternate reality.

While attending James T. Kirk's thirtieth birthday party, she spoke with Ensign Pavel Chekov, who claimed that Scotch whisky had been invented by "a little old lady from Russia." (Star Trek Beyond)

Natalia was played by actress Ashley Edner.
The name of this alien comes from multiple behind-the-scenes articles, and from the end credits of the film.
The makeup for the character of Natalia was sculpted by Makeup Effects Sculptor Joey Orosco. It was applied to Ashley Edner by Special Makeup Effects Supervisor Joel Harlow (the actress's step-father) and Makeup Effects Artist Werner Pretorius. (Prosthetics, issue 4, pp. 12 & 13)