Nausicaan cargo station

The Nausicaan cargo station

The Nausicaan cargo station was a facility built into one side of a small asteroid. It had multiple docking arms for vessels to use.

In 2151, the Nausicaan cargo station was docked with two Nausicaan ships when the ECS Fortunate arrived, chasing a Nausicaan ship around the asteroid to come into sight of the cargo station. Upon seeing the facility, Matthew Ryan, who was in command of the Fortunate at that time, commented that the cargo station "must be where they offload stolen cargo." Moments later, the pair of ships departed from the facility, joining the battle against the freighter. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

The Nausicaan cargo station was given that name in the final draft script of "Fortunate Son", but it is not named in the final version of the episode. The facility wasn't present at all in the first draft script of "Fortunate Son", which instead mentioned "a spectacular ringed planet" during the equivalent battle sequence; the Fortunate rounded the planet to find a pair of Nausicaan craft and all three ships subsequently sped towards the planet mid-battle but nothing launched from the planet. The final draft of the script described the facility as "small" and stated, "The station appears old and at least partially abandoned."
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