Navaar was an Orion female who, in 2154, attempted to capture Jonathan Archer, who was considered a fugitive by the Orion Syndicate for liberating a slave market on Verex III earlier in the year, making it difficult for more "slaves" to be sold.

Navaar and her sisters, D'Nesh and Maras, were originally given to Captain Archer as a gift by the Orion privateer Harrad-Sar. Once aboard Enterprise, they quickly began to have an adverse affect on the crew. Doctor Phlox discovered that Orion females produced extremely potent pheromones, which caused increased aggression in males and left them extremely susceptible to suggestion. D'Nesh was able to manipulate Commander Kelby into disabling Enterprise's warp engines, leaving them unable to escape when Harrad-Sar returned. When Harrad-Sar finally did arrive, he revealed to Archer that it was, in fact, the females who were in charge, and he was simply carrying out their wishes. Commanders Tucker and T'Pol were able to successfully disable Harrad-Sar's ship, at which point Navaar attempted to seduce Tucker, but was unsuccessful due to an immunity he had acquired through a telepathic bond with T'Pol. Navaar and her sisters were returned to Harrad-Sar, who departed at low impulse. (ENT: "Bound")

Navaar was played by actress Cyia Batten.
The final draft script of "Bound" initially commented about Navaar, "Her every word and gesture seem designed to seduce." Once she and her sisters were detained aboard Enterprise, however, the script remarked of Navaar, "She exudes a subtle defiance."
Her mirror universe counterpart (β) appeared in the novella Age of the Empress. She is depicted as a leading figure in the rebellion against the Terran Empire, holding the rank of general in 2155. The same was true of her sister, though it is not made clear whether this refers to D'Nesh or Maras.

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