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Nedra Rosemond (also known as Nedra Rosemond-Watt) is a former stuntwoman and actress who served as stunt double for Nichelle Nichols in the Star Trek: The Original Series second season episode "Mirror, Mirror". She received no credit for her performance.

Beside her performance in Star Trek, Rosemond also appeared on-screen in the horror film Chamber of Horrors (1966, along Charles Seel, Clegg Hoyt, and Paul Sorensen).

Rosemond then found her career path in the costume and wardrobe department and worked as costume designer and supervisor on films such as the drama Sounder (1972, with Paul Winfield), the action film Hangup (1974, with Cliff Potts, Barbara Baldavin, and George Murdock), the drama The River Niger (1976), the science fiction film TRON (1982, with David Warner, Dan Shor, Vince Deadrick, Jr., Tony Brubaker, and Erik Cord), the comedy National Lampoon Goes to the Movies (1982, with Dick Miller, Christopher Lloyd, and Elisha Cook, Jr.), Ron Howard's comedy Night Shift (1982, with Gina Hecht, Clint Howard, Jeanne Mori, Kevin Sullivan, Vincent Schiavelli, Julius LeFlore, and Brett Baxter Clark), and the thriller Where Are the Children? (1986, with Joseph Hindy and Paul F. O'Brien).

In 1994, she served as second second assistant director for the action thriller Night of the Running Man, with Don Stark, Frank Novak, John Glover, and Marcy Goldman.

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