Neelix was the pet cat of Reginald Barclay, named for Talaxian USS Voyager crewmember Neelix. Barclay obtained Neelix sometime after he transferred from the USS Enterprise-E to the Pathfinder Project on Earth. Neelix often slept on top of Barclay's stomach. He was not used to guests, and helped himself to Deanna Troi's chocolate ice cream when she came to visit Barclay in mid-2376. Finding his name to be unusual, Deanna suggested that they introduce him to Data's cat, Spot. (VOY: "Pathfinder")

The simulation of the actual Neelix in Barclay's holodeck recreation of Voyager purred, a trait noted as inaccurate by Voyager's holographic Doctor when he visited the Alpha Quadrant in late-2376. Troi explained that the purring was probably influenced by Neelix the cat. The Doctor told Troi that the actual Neelix would be honored by the fact that Barclay had named his cat after him. (VOY: "Life Line")

The cat was a silver Persian, trained by animal trainers from Critters of the Cinema.
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