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Nerd Block Inc. was a Canadian subscription box marketing and distribution company which was based in Whitby, Ontario and founded by Russ Montague in 2013. It operated in a number of countries worldwide before going into bankrupcy in 2017. [1] [2]

Star Trek releases

In December 2014, Nerd Block released IDW's Star Trek - Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive Issue 1 comic book with exclusive cover artwork. [3] It also released the Star Trek - Green Lantern: The Spectrum War Issue 1 comic book with an exclusive cover in July 2015. [4]

The company released a 4.25 inch-long "exclusive" "Springz" USS Enterprise car dashboard accessory, similar to a bobblehead, in its September 2015 "Hyperspace"-themed "mystery package". An almost identical product was retailed in February 2016 by The Coop in its "Boinglers" line.

Other Star Trek-branded novelties were released by Nerd Block (and its "Sci-Fi Block" brand) including a tribble screen cleaner, a Vulcan salute car air freshener, an Anovos circa-2278 Starfleet captain's pin, and Skele-Treks figurines produced by NECA. [5]

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