Neurazine gas was a type of gas that could be used to incapacitate humanoids. It was used aboard Dominion starships.

In 2374, on Stardate 51462 USS Prometheus was hijacked by the Romulan Star Empire. The Doctor and the Prometheus Emergency Medical Hologram pumped neurazine gas into the ships Ventilation system incapacitating the Romulans, and giving enough time for Starfleet to catch up and retake the vessel. (VOY: "Message in a Bottle")

In 2375, Kira Nerys planned to use neurazine gas to immobilize the Breen engineers who were installing an energy dissipator weapon on a Jem'Hadar fighter. However, she and the Cardassian Rebellion members had to wait until the Breen were finished installing it before they could flood the ship with the gas. (DS9: "Tacking Into the Wind")

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