Jake and Benjamin Sisko in Rapture

Jake Sisko authorizes a neuropolaric induction to save his dying father's life

A neuropolaric induction was a very serious medical operation, involving complex brain surgery.

In 2373, Doctor Julian Bashir recommended that Benjamin Sisko undergo a neuropolaric induction after the captain was injured by a plasma burst. After the accident, Sisko suffered aberrant neural patterns and odd synaptic potentials, together with post-neural shock syndrome. The unusual brain activity also coincided with a series of visions concerning the future of Bajor, which Sisko and the Bajoran people believe were messages from the Prophets.

Sisko's condition deteriorated, resulting in painful and crippling headaches. Bashir determined that his basal ganglia were starting to depolarize and, later, that his entire central nervous system was depolarizing, at which point the condition had become life-threatening.

Sisko refused surgery on the grounds that he did not want to lose the prophetic visions, but eventually he was overruled while unconscious by his son Jake, who authorized the neuropolaric induction in order to save Sisko's life. The operation was a success, returning his brain activity to normal, but it also put an end to the visions. (DS9: "Rapture")

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