A neurostatic pulse (or neurostatic shock) was a type of energy used in medicine, with stimulatory effects on the nervous system.

When a cytoplasmic lifeform attached itself to B'Elanna Torres in 2375, a hologram of Crell Moset suggested that inducing a neurostatic shock in one of the neocortices along the lifeform's primary nerve might cause it to lose motor function, allowing them to remove it. However, The Doctor rejected the proposal as it most likely would have been fatal to the lifeform. The Doctor later adjusted the procedure to target the pulse at the secondary neocortex, causing the organism to loosen its grip without killing it. (VOY: "Nothing Human")

In 2376, The Doctor used a neurostatic pulse to stabilize Tuvok, after he entered neuroleptic shock due to a Ba'Neth directed energy weapon. (VOY: "Riddles")

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