For the city on Luna, please see New Berlin.

New Berlin Colony was a Federation colony. It was in the same sector as the Ohniaka system and the MS system.

In 2369, there were heightened tensions due to Borg activity. When a Ferengi trading ship entered New Berlin's star system, the colony panicked and sent a distress call. The USS Enterprise-D received the call, but it was quickly cancelled when the ship was identified. The Enterprise acknowledged the colony's signal and transmitted them a copy of the Starfleet ship-recognition protocols, with a suggestion that the colonists read it. (TNG: "Descent")

This colony was only mentioned in dialogue.
According to, this colony was named after Berlin. The Mazurka Festival, attended by Calvin Hudson, Benjamin Sisko, and their wives, was said by this website to have occurred here, not at the settlement of New Berlin on Luna.
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