Roger Maris wearing the team's logo

The New York Yankees were a baseball team on Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries, representing New York City. The team was famous for players such as Joe DiMaggio and Roger Maris.

Vin felt the 1999 Yanks were the greatest team ever to play the game, though he met resistance from Bernardo Calvera and Benjamin Sisko in making that assessment. (DS9: "Past Tense, Part II")

John Kelly was a more general fan of the Yankees and regretted he would never know who won the World Series in 2032. Shortly prior to his death, the Yankees won in six games. (VOY: "One Small Step")

One of the holoprograms on Deep Space 9 offered a hypothetical game pitting the 1961 Yankees against the 1978 Red Sox. Jake Sisko and Kasidy Yates watched the game in the holosuite in late 2372. (DS9: "For the Cause")


In the McDonald's video communicator comic "Time. And Time. And Time Again.", Uhura is transported from the 2270s to Yankee Stadium in the year 1940.

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