A newsreel was a Human form of news distribution, popular in the early 20th century, before the emergence of television and news bulletins.

Typically, the newsreel would be shown before a movie.

In times of conflict, most notably World War II, newsreels served as propaganda for the nation state in which they were produced.

The script for "First Contact" opened with a scene where the Borg were examining information from Earth's history, including newsreel footage from World War II.

Alternate timelineEdit

Adolf Hitler, 1944

Hitler is filmed visiting New York

In an alternate timeline, in which parts of North America were under Nazi occupation, a newsreel was produced documenting Adolf Hitler's first visit to New York City:

"News on Parade! America and Germany together in the fight for freedom.
In his first visit to the home of the brave the German chancellor received a warm welcome from the Big Apple. He greeted enthusiastic crowds in Times Square and took in the view from the top of the Empire State Building. Watch that first step! Later, the Fuhrer paid a call to Lady Liberty, where he was given the keys to the city.
The whirlwind tour was capped off by a four-hour speech to city leaders where the Fuhrer outlined his vision for a prosperous alliance between Germany and America, vowing to root out the parasitic elements that have crippled our economy since 1929 and to liberate the masses from the grip of financial profiteers. Together, we will put Americans back to work – two great nations marching side-by-side toward a bold future." (ENT: "Storm Front, Part II")
The newsreel used in "Storm Front, Part II" featured a seldom-seen meeting of the American Nazi Party in Madison Square Garden. Footage of Hitler in Paris was digitally altered to remove the Eiffel Tower and put the Statue of Liberty behind him.

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