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The Newton-type was a type of United Federation of Planets starship used by Starfleet in the mid-23rd century.

The Gizmotron models 1/2500 scale model kit names this ship type as the Federation strike cruiser. [1]


A typical Newton-type starship had two active outboard nacelles placed above the centerline and two secondary hulls below. The secondary hulls were connected by swept pylons that connected to the back of the primary hull where the impulse drive was located. The upper nacelles connected to the primary hull at the rear port and starboard quadrants and were connected together with a "rollbar" similar to the one on the Miranda-class in the prime reality.

The 1997 comic book The Fallen, Part Two features the USS Nelson (β), a ship of the prime universe from the same era with similar hull configuration.


Of the three ships of this type docked at Starbase 1, two were known to have participated in the combat prior to the destruction of Vulcan in 2258, one of which was the USS Newton. (Star Trek)

A year later, three of these ships were seen near Starbase 1 before the USS Enterprise proceeded on its mission to Qo'noS. Two of these ships, including the USS Biddeford, were docked. A third ship was departing from the spacedock. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

The third ship was seen on the cover of Cinefex, number 134. [2]

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