Caption:The energy ribbon, which is the entrance to the Nexus, in 2371
Classification:Spatial and temporal anomaly
Caption:The SS Lakul as she was caught in the Nexus-energy ribbon in 2293

The entrance into the Nexus, which is in fact a nonlinear temporal phenomena, was a temporal flux energy ribbon which crossed the Milky Way Galaxy every 39 years. The first known contact with this phenomenon was in 2293 when two El-Aurian refugee ships were caught up by it. The ships were destroyed by the ribbon but at least two people on the El-Aurian ship, SS Lakul, were swept into the Nexus itself: Guinan and Soran. The USS Enterprise-B was sent to rescue two ships that were in distress. On board her was former Captain James T. Kirk who was lost into the Nexus when it struck the Enterprise.

The Nexus itself, once you are inside, causes reality to shape itself according to personal desires. Time itself has no meaning and any reality you want becomes fact.

Kirk's reality was of his log cabin in the mountains. He lived life with his dog Butler, his horses, and Antonia, the girl he wished he had married.

Guinan returned from the Nexus and when speaking about it to Picard in 2371, described it as "like being wrapped up in joy", a totally euphoric experience. Thus, when Soran was accidentally rescued from the Nexus, his only desire was to return to it. He was even prepared to destroy a planetary system to return. Picard discovered the nature of Soran's plan and set out to prevent him. He failed to prevent Soran and was swept up into the Nexus himself.

In the Nexus, Picard's reality was of a family. He had a 10 year old son, Matthew, a 10 year old daughter, Olivia, a 6 year old daughter, Mimi and a 4 year old daughter, Madison. They lived, with his wife, in a beautiful house. With help from Guinan, however, Picard recalled his reason for being in the Nexus and set out to find help. He found it in the shape of Kirk. He persuaded Kirk to return with him to prevent Soran from destroying the planetary system and by using the power of the Nexus, they were able to return to the planet just before Soran destroyed it.


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