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Nicholas "Nick" Sagan (born 16 September 1970; age 49) in Boston, Massachusetts, is the son of science fiction author and astronomer Carl Sagan. He dropped out of high school to study film at UCLA, from which he graduated summa cum laude. In 1977, his voice was sent into space on the Voyager spacecraft along with other recorded messages, music, photographs and sounds of Earth; the committee which selected the material for the record had been chaired by his father. His greeting, "Hello from the children of the planet Earth," is featured in the movie Starman (1984) and The X-Files episode "Little Green Men" (1994).

As a freelance writer, Sagan pitched a number of ideas to the Star Trek writing staff in the early 1990s, resulting in an invitation to write for Star Trek: The Next Generation during its final season. In an interview for Star Trek Monthly issue 29, p. 25, Sagan expressed the hope that he would be invited to write for one or more of the spin-off series; this hope came to fruition in 1998, when he was brought onto the writing staff for Star Trek: Voyager, serving as Story Editor for the show's fifth season.

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