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Nicki Kreitzman is a visual effects artist/digital compositor and editor who was involved in the production of the remastered Star Trek: The Original Series. She appeared as a Starfleet officer in a window in the newly digital matte painting in the episode "The Menagerie, Part I". In 2012 she started working in the capacity of Compositor/Editor for the remastered Star Trek: The Next Generation project.

In 2012, Kreitzman was interviewed for the TNG Season 1 Blu-ray special feature Energized! Taking The Next Generation to the Next Level. The characters Nicki Kreitzman and Nicki Kreitzman seen on okudagrams in the remastered episodes "The Neutral Zone" and "Inheritance" were named after her.

As part of the CBS Digital team, she was involved in the production of projects such as the television film The Christmas Movie (2000), the horror film Riding the Bullet (2004), the action film Locusts (2005, with Natalija Nogulich), the Golden Globe nominated miniseries Into the West (2005), the catastrophe films Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004) and Category 7: The End of the World (2005), as well as episodes of the television series 24 (2006), Jericho (2006), Pushing Daisies (2007), Castle (2009), Ugly Betty (2007-2009), Kings (2009), Melrose Place (2009), Modern Family (2009), and Life After People (2009).

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