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The Enterprise crew is affected when they are adrift in a remote area of space, and find themselves unable to dream.



William T

"Whoever did this could still be on the ship."

The USS Enterprise-D is given orders to find a lost Starfleet vessel, the USS Brattain. The ship failed to arrive at its destination and had not been heard from in 29 days. They come upon the Miranda-class ship adrift in an unexplored binary star system. Beaming on board, an away team consisting of Commander Riker, Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenant Worf, Doctor Crusher, and Counselor Troi find the entire crew murdered, except for a Betazoid, Andrus Hagan, the Brattain's scientific advisor who is found in a room adjacent to the bridge and is catatonic.

Act One[]

In sickbay, Dr. Crusher informs Captain Picard that some of the Brattain's crew were found barricaded in their quarters and some found in the ship's corridors who obviously fought hand-to-hand. They identify Hagan, but Counselor Troi cannot get through to him. As Crusher and Picard leave, however, she then hears him describe voices "out there."

Aboard the Brattain, Data, Geordi La Forge, and Commander Riker unsuccessfully try from the bridge to figure out the engine malfunctions aboard the Brattain so the ship can get to the nearest starbase. They attempt to fire up the engines but they will not engage, to La Forge's confusion.

Crusher reports to Picard in his ready room that there is no indication of a psychological or physiological disease based on the autopsies of the crew, leaving the growing madness on board the Brattain, as detailed in the last log entry of Captain Chantal Zaheva unexplained. She had her first officer, Commander Brink, "eliminated" for suspicion of mutiny. All 34 of the crew killed each other, with no alien presence detected.

In the meantime, Counselor Troi has entered a rather intense dream. Spoken to by an unidentified voice, she asks the speaker "Where are you?". The voice repeats the phrases "eyes in the dark" and "one moon circles" as Troi is drawn toward two lights that are reminiscent of the binary star system in which the Enterprise is currently stationed.

Act Two[]

With little progress, Picard decides to have the Brattain towed by tractor beam to Starbase 220. Unfortunately, now the Enterprise crew begins to experience her own problems, marked by an inexplicable increase in irritability and fatigue. On the Brattain, La Forge has to reassure Ensign Peeples, who apparently heard some noises when no one was there, acknowledging that the thirty-four dead people found aboard would make anyone uneasy. And on the Enterprise, conflict is spreading all over the ship; when Keiko O'Brien enters the O'Briens' quarters, she and Miles quarrel, during which Miles displays a great deal of envy towards one of his wife's co-workers, Tom Corbin. O'Brien leaves their quarters and enters Ten Forward, where he is warned by Chief Gillespie about the current events. O'Brien brushes the warning off, dismissing it as "ghost stories".

In the meantime, Picard is in his ready room when the door chimes. He says "Come" several times, but no one enters, and yet the chimes repeat. He finally goes to the door and sees no one there. The door continues to chime and finally someone knocks. At the door are Troi and Crusher. They say that the occurrences of violence aboard the Enterprise are continuing to escalate. Captain Picard gives the order to tractor the Brattain and move away from the area, only to find that all propulsion systems fail to operate, rendering the ship unable to move, just like the Brattain.

Act Three[]

The Enterprise has now been adrift for ten days, and due to their isolated and distant location will not get assistance for at least two weeks. In the observation lounge, Data reports that it is actually trapped inside a space-time anomaly known as a Tyken's Rift, named after a Melthusian named Bela Tyken who had escaped a similar rift by detonating his cargo of anicium and yurium. However, they don't have the energy to reproduce the situation. Furthermore, a Tyken's Rift is not known to cause the unusual behavior that is becoming more and more widespread among the crew.

Picard and Riker talk in the turbolift while heading up to the bridge and Riker says that sometimes he feels like someone is in his quarters, waiting for him. With grave importance on keeping their faculties intact, Picard relieves Riker for a few hours, telling him to get a nap in his quarters. Riker obeys but as soon as he leaves and the door shuts, Picard thinks the turbolift ceiling is coming down on him. The door opens and the crew see him sitting on the floor of the turbolift with his hands up screaming. It's only a hallucination, but it's enough to make him feel that he needs Data for their continued survival while they try to find a solution to leave the Tyken's rift. At that point, Data reports he and La Forge think that reusing the deflector dish modifications previously tried against the Borg might let them break off the rift. Picard gives Data free orders to act on his own initiative to carry out his duties whenever Picard falters, becoming acting captain when and where necessary. Picard gravely notes to Data that the entire crew's survival may depend solely on him. Data promises to do his best.

Brattain personnel

Brattain personnel in the morgue

Meanwhile, Dr. Crusher is taking brain tissue scans of the dead Brattain personnel in the morgue, with the intention of comparing them to a random cross-section of the crew. As she does so, she fights off the hallucination that the bodies are moving and even sitting up. Later, in Picard's ready room, Dr. Crusher hypothesizes that the rampant outbreaks of violence aboard both ships are due to lack of rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep, leading to fatigue, loss of concentration, extreme irritability, hostility, and ultimately, insanity. However, its not clear that this is not being caused by the Tyken's Rift but another force at work. Crusher notes that Troi can sleep, and Troi notes that she is the only person aboard the ship who continues to be able to dream, perhaps due to her being Betazoid, but that all of her dreams are nightmares. She believes the crew will eventually meet the same fate as the Brattain.

Act Four[]

Troi, fatigued due to her nightmares, continues to listen to Hagan without any more information. She remarks to Dr. Crusher about the contrary situation the Betazoids and Humans have, but still with a dire ending. She takes a break to go to the bridge. Data and a distracted La Forge in engineering signal to the bridge to execute their earlier plan of using a deflector burst to disrupt the Tyken's Rift. La Forge is losing his concentration, so Data helps him out. However, it is unsuccessful since the energy from the deflector dish was still absorbed into the Rift.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are behaving irrationally. Gillespie expresses a desire to fight the hallucinations. Worf feels so helpless after the deflector burst attempt that he tries to commit suicide in his quarters. He feels that he is no longer a warrior because he is afraid of whatever is causing their sleeplessness. Troi fortunately runs to his quarters and manages to convince him to put the knife down, telling him that whatever is tormenting them is just an illusion. He agrees to go with her to sickbay, and it is a sign of the bizarre atmosphere aboard the ship, to see the hulking Klingon warrior being led by the hand like a frightened child by the diminutive Betazoid.

Act Five[]

Data has assumed command of the Enterprise since Picard and Riker, like most of the crew, cannot function. Fortunately, Troi has a breakthrough with Hagan, and reports to Picard in his ready room that she thinks there are aliens trying to communicate telepathically because they are also trapped. Data says it's possible that the telepathic communication is interfering with REM sleep of the non-Betazoid crew. He also agrees that there might be another ship caught by the Tyken's Rift and, if so, they could free themselves by working together to create an explosion.

At the bridge science station, Data investigates elements to use for creating an explosion, though Troi realizes that the message "one moon circles" refers to a hydrogen atom, i.e. a single electron circling a single proton. If the Enterprise releases hydrogen toward the other ship, and Troi sends the message to act, they could produce the necessary explosion. Troi raises the question of what message to deliver, and Data points out that it is the crew of the alien ship that has communicated what they need, and once the Enterprise provides it, the only required message is, "Now."

Troi goes to sickbay to be put to sleep; Data says she only has two minutes to send the message. Data prepares the release, and assumes the role of acting captain of the Enterprise when he finds Picard slow to respond, ejecting the hydrogen into the space immediately in front of the ship through the Bussard collectors.

Guinan firing her Magus III energy weapon

Guinan stops the fight in Ten Forward

To get more power, Data orders all crew to go to designated emergency shelter areas so unoccupied parts of the ship can be taken off of life support. The crew in Ten Forward thinks the situation is an experiment and want to mutiny, led by Gillespie. Guinan, who is apparently nowhere nearly as affected as the rest of the humanoids aboard, realizes that something might happen and calls security. As soon as security enters, a fight breaks out, so Guinan takes a weapon she acquired from Magus III from behind Ten Forward's bar and fires it into the ceiling. The shock value of the sight is enough to stop the fight.

Just after there is no longer sufficient power to maintain the hydrogen stream leaving the Bussard collectors, an explosion erupts in front of the ship, indicating that Troi was successful. Power and life support are restored to normal, allowing the Enterprise and the alien vessel to escape the rift, although the Brattain is apparently left behind. As his last duty as acting captain, Data orders Picard and the rest of the crew to their quarters to sleep. Data leads the Enterprise to Starbase 220.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Eyes in the dark… one moon circles."

- Counselor Troi's recurring nightmare, later determined to be a telepathic message from another vessel trapped in the rift

"First officer Brink and his men were behind it. They got to the engines, they don't work anymore. Had to eliminate Brink!"

- Chantal Zaheva, commanding officer of the Brattain during her captain's log

"All 34 of them appear to have killed each other."
"What could have caused such an event? Drugs? A virus? Poison?"

- Beverly Crusher and Jean-Luc Picard

"There is an inevitable conclusion to this pattern and if I can't find a way to stop it… we will all go insane."

- Crusher, on the crew's lack of REM sleep

"I will need to rely on you from now on. We may need to count on you for our very survival."
"I will do my best, sir."

- Picard and Data, as the situation aboard the Enterprise continues to deteriorate

"I am no longer a warrior! I am no longer strong! I feel…"
"What? What do you feel?"
"'…I feel fear."
"To admit that you're afraid gives you strength."

- Worf and Troi

"What is that?"
"This is a little souvenir I picked up from Magus III. That was setting number one. Anyone wanna see setting number two?"

- Gillespie and Guinan, regarding her phaser rifle

"Sir… as my final duty as acting captain… I order you to bed."

- Data, to Picard

"Pleasant dreams, sir."

- Data, as Picard goes to his quarters to sleep

Background information[]

Production history[]

Story and script[]

  • Teleplay writer Jeri Taylor noted, "This was a real tough episode. It was convoluted, it was a little mysterious, technical, quasi-supernatural. It was all over the map and there were a lot of different episodes to try and make cohesive. I rewrote and rewrote it, and I never thought we were ever going to put that one to bed. It was strange. Troi's dream sequences are not something you get to see every week." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 217)


Rosine "Ace" Hatem filming Night Terrors

Sirtis' stunt double filming in front of a blue screen

Cast and characters[]


  • The explosion of the "rift" is reused footage of the explosion of the Genesis Device from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • While trying to escape the Tyken's Rift, Picard and Data both reference the use of the Enterprise's deflector dish to defeat the Borg in TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds" as a possible solution.
  • A room is finally seen behind a seldom used sickbay door that doesn't lead to a corridor or the medical lab. Right after the teaser, Picard and Crusher leave this room which seems to be the morgue and enter the main sickbay room.


  • As mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 2nd ed., p. 158, this episode is considered to be one of the weakest of the fourth season and many members of the production staff were unhappy with it. The scenes with Troi "flying" were said to be a "terrible" mistake by Jeri Taylor and Robert Legato described them as "horrible".
  • Jonathan Frakes remarked, "That was a yawner, wasn't it? That was a shitty piece of special effects work when Troi was flying with those cloud[s] around her. That was below our standard." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 217)
  • Marina Sirtis opined, "I liked the storyline of that episode because it was about the dreamworld, and I'm of Greek descent so I totally believe dreams mean something. And not the Freudian thing, all this hocus pocus. So that was another one that I could relate to really strongly. But I did hate the flying." (Selected Crew Analysis: Year Four – Crew Profile: Counselor Troi, TNG Season 4 DVD special features)
  • Rick Berman commented, "The sleep disorder was that our people were not getting enough REM sleep [and] they were all going mad which, in fact, is what would happen. It was all medically accurate, but it was kind of hard to follow and got convoluted. I don't think there was anything very terrifying in it." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 217)
  • Michael Piller concluded, "[I]t was the first show right after Christmas hiatus and I don't think everybody was quite back on their feet yet. As a result, the energy level was way down and the timing was off and the nature of the problem made everybody start reading slowly… The bottom line was that it was no longer a script because they were dream deprived. They were all talking slowly and after a while that gets pretty boring, and the middle of that show sagged and was slow, boring and disappointing." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 217)
  • Director Les Landau blocked this episode out and prefers not to discuss it, for reasons he won't elaborate. It had something to do with Troi floating in space. (The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine issue 21, p. 45)
  • A mission report for this episode by John Sayers was published in The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine issue 16, pp. 42-44.

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40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards (40 Eridani A); Advanced Technologies Division; Brownfield, Dick; Chamberlin, Mandy; Chess, Joe; Exploratory Division; Fleet Administration; Fleet Operations; Fleet Yards Operations; James, Richard; Landau, Les; Legato, Robert; Mission Operations; Nesterowicz, John; Orbital Operations; Peets, Bill; Rush, Marvin; Simmons, Adele; Sordal, Bob; Starfleet Academy; Stellar Imaging Division; Tactical Command; Yacobian, Brad; Yoyodyne Division

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deflector power coil

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