Nilani Kahn was a female Trill who lived during the 23rd century. She was joined and became a host of the Kahn symbiont. She was married to Torias Dax.

Kahn wanted to study theoretical quantum physics. She later recalled that Torias' eyes always glazed over the moment she brought up this discussion. Nilani married Torias despite concerns about his profession as a pilot. She would often express concerns to Torias about his flights.

Torias was killed in 2285 in a shuttlecraft accident only a few months after he was joined, during a test of the shuttle. Nilani expressed concerns before the accident, but Torias dismissed the concern as he usually did. After she died, the Kahn symbiont was joined to Lenara.

Kahn and Dax were reunited in 2372 as Lenara and Jadzia. Jadzia told Lenara that Torias knew the shuttle was not ready for a full impulse test but he proceeded anyway, and that he was sorry for leaving Nilani alone. (DS9: "Rejoined")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
Nilani appears in the short story "Infinity" in The Lives of Dax.

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