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The USS Cerritos encounters a familiar enemy. Tendi helps a struggling recruit find her footing. (Season finale)



"The Cerritos is in orbit around Beta III. Back in the day, these guys worshiped a violent god called Landru, who suppressed their creativity and made them kill each other until Kirk figured out it was actually a computer. Get this. At some point, these knuckleheads went back to worshiping Landru. Captain Freeman has been setting them straight all morning."
Betan representatives

Betans once again told not worship Landru

On Beta III, Carol Freeman is scolding the natives for regressing back to worshipping Landru as a god. Sheepishly, the Betans reply that he's very persuasive. Landru attempts to convince them to kill Freeman and Commander Jack Ransom, but apologizes when Freeman threatens to destroy him with a paradox. Freeman urges the Betans to put down in writing what Kirk had told their predecessors before she and Ransom are beamed back to the USS Cerritos. As they transport away, one Betan expresses how he enjoyed killing people during the red hour and that he will keep doing it, but another tells him to get over it as there is no longer a red hour, despite his complaint that he bought a new scythe for the occasion.

Back on the Cerritos, Freeman is a bit exasperated with what just happened, and Ransom notes that it is weird when they have to revisit planets from what he calls the "TOS" era ("those old scientists"). Freeman and Ransom head to the bridge, and Freeman expresses frustration that they should visit civilizations they've discovered again before they get into trouble with themselves, but Ransom notes that they'd need explicit orders from Starfleet to avoid breaking the Prime Directive. They arrive on the bridge, and Freeman orders a course to be set for Starbase 77, but the conn officer informs her that there are still crew on the surface of the planet. Freeman seems confused as she didn't authorize anyone to leave the Cerritos.

Boimler teasing Mariner

Boimler teasing Mariner about being the captain's daughter

On Beta III, Ensign Beckett Mariner is distributing free art supplies to the children of the planet, and is joined by Ensign Brad Boimler. She is surprised when he starts helping her give out the supplies when she originally thought he'd be lecturing her about protocol, but Boimler simply says that he doesn't just want to stick to the rules all the time. As they talk, Ransom hails Boimler on his combadge, but as Boimler had taken off his uniform top, he cannot hear the hail and does not realize that the entire conversation between him and Mariner is being overheard on the Cerritos bridge. Mariner asks what helped motivate Boimler to do a little rule-breaking with her, and Boimler says that he found out that Freeman is in fact Mariner's mother. When he says this, she immediately denies it, but Boimler goes on to say that he's found out that not only is Freeman her mother, but that her dad is an admiral, and he finds it really cool. Mariner angrily tells him to shut up, but Boimler just notes how this is a good thing, since they'll both be able to do a little rule-breaking and all she has to do is keep them out of trouble with Freeman. Boimler also can't help but wonder why the relationship was kept a secret, and Mariner tells him angrily that she doesn't want people to know. Boimler finally agrees that he won't tell anyone, and teasingly asks if her mother gives her "sweet little captain kisses", as Freeman, with one eye twitching with anger, beams them directly to the bridge, much to Boimler's horror.

Act One[]

In the Kalla system, the USS Solvang is in the middle of a plasma ring scan of a star. Captain Dayton is reminiscent about her old ship, the USS Rubidoux, but admits that she loves her new command, hoping to keep the ship as pristine as possible, even forcing the bridge crew to remove their shoes lest they stain the carpet. Without warning, a mysterious ship drops out of warp and immediately opens fire on the Solvang, and Dayton orders a retreat. One of the bridge officers warns that shields have fallen below 10% when a grappling arm fires from the hostile ship and attaches itself to the port warp nacelle, preventing it from escaping. Unaware of this, the ship jumps to warp a moment later at Dayton's command: the entire nacelle is ripped off from the ship, causing a massive explosion. The Solvang is lost with all hands...

Peanut Hamper meets Tendi

Peanut Hamper meets Tendi

In the hangar of the Cerritos, Ensign D'Vana Tendi is excited that she has been appointed to be an orientation liaison to a new crewmember, while Ensign Sam Rutherford tries to adjust his cybernetic implant's attitude selector. The shuttle lands, and in Tendi's excitement she unexpectedly grabs onto Rutherford's arm, which causes him to accidentally yank off a small plate and discovers a new button. A group of officers disembark from the shuttle, the last being an exocomp ensign painted in sciences division colors who expresses excitement at the sight of the hangar. Tendi excitedly runs over and the two introduce themselves to one another.

In her ready room, Freeman and Mariner are discussing the ramifications about the discovery of their relationship as mother and daughter, with Mariner preferring to have worked under the radar, and Freeman not wanting the crew to know that the most insubordinate officer was her daughter. Mariner expresses hope that they can still make things work, and cites how Wesley Crusher worked with his own mother and that perhaps the crew won't make a big deal of it. At that moment, Ransom enters the ready room with a list of candidates who might get promoted to the USS Sacramento and tries to flatter Mariner, much to the displeasure of both Freeman and Mariner.

Beckett Mariner's secret is out

Everyone now knows Mariner is Captain Freeman's daughter

Mariner leaves the ready room, annoyed as the crew around her whispers about the revelation, and she's approached by Steve Levy, a lieutenant prone to believing conspiracy theories, whom she had dated a year prior. He asks her to deliver some plans to Freeman about how they can decorate the captain's yacht and walks off. Another crewmember approaches Mariner and takes a selfie with her, much to Mariner's annoyance. Mariner accidentally bumps into Dr. T'Ana, who scolds her briefly before asking her, to Mariner's disturbed discomfort, if she thinks Freeman would mind if she and Shaxs started a relationship.

On the bridge, the conn officer notifies Freeman of a partial distress call that they've picked up from the Solvang in the Kalla system. Freeman jokingly wonders if Dayton is still getting used to her new ship since there aren't any known threats in the system. Ransom notes that the USS Titan is also in range, but Freeman decides they will let the Titan know that the Cerritos can handle it. She anticipates that Dayton will hate that they came running because someone accidentally leaned on a button.

In the lower decks crew quarters, Mariner is annoyed and frustrated with the newfound treatment she is getting from the crew. Chief Engineer Andy Billups approaches her and gives her some hand pies, which Mariner declines, much to Billups's disappointment. Boimler takes one as Billups leaves, and Mariner complains about how she won't be able to get away with a lot of her usual actions with everyone paying so much attention to her. Boimler asks her to sign a letter of recommendation for the Sacramento promotion. Mariner criticizes him for the decision, but Boimler objects as he needs an edge and it would be a huge career boost for him. Mariner suddenly realizes that if she were promoted to the Sacramento, no one would know who she is, and wonders if she should apply. Boimler expresses doubt that she'd be able to get promoted due to her insubordinate behavior, and Mariner agrees. She rolls down her sleeves, addresses Boimler as "sir" (as he technically outranks her), tidies up her ponytail into a bun and straightening out her bangs, walks off. Boimler believes no one will fall for her routine as Shaxs rushes up wanting to give her a present, which appears to be a wrapped bat'leth.

Peanut Hamper and Tendi

Peanut Hamper and Tendi

Tendi and the exocomp are walking down the corridor, touring the ship, and Tendi asks the exocomp what her name is. The exocomp, wanting a normal name, has named herself "Peanut Hamper" after analyzing the Federation languages and calculating a mathematically perfect name. Tendi expresses how much she loves the name as the two giddily skip down the hall together.

Ransom working out

Ransom working out while reviewing Mariner and Boimler's letters for the Sacramento promotion

Boimler and Mariner are headed to Ransom's quarters to submit their letters for the Sacramento promotion. In his quarters, Ransom is working out, and says that Boimler's record is spotless to the point of being freaky, but notes that Mariner is the captain's daughter and as he lives to serve Freeman, he finds himself unable to choose between them. He orders them to leave, so he can think better by working out more.

In the repair bay, Rutherford is working on the ensigns' shuttlecraft project, the Sequoia, as Tendi and Peanut Hamper enter. Peanut Hamper gets excited at the sight of nearby dilithium, but accidentally makes a mess, much to Tendi's dismay. She realizes that Peanut Hamper may have trouble with certain tasks as exocomps have no hands, but Rutherford, who is still struggling with the implant's attitude selector, assures her that she'll do just fine with Tendi's supervision and that she shouldn't worry.

Peanut Hamper assisting T'Ana

Peanut Hamper assisting Dr. T'Ana

In sickbay, Tendi and Peanut Hamper are assisting T'Ana in a surgery which could result in their patient dying if they make even the smallest mistake. Tendi begins to tell T'Ana that Peanut Hamper might have trouble with the procedure when Peanut Hamper uses her micro-replicator to effortlessly operate on the patient. T'Ana commends Peanut Hamper for the work, and Peanut Hamper explains that she downloaded all the journal articles published by T'Ana, learning a lot. Peanut Hamper begins to show T'Ana a new skin-grafting technique she's been working on, and Tendi appears to not be needed. One of the patients tries to console her that perhaps she could help him get back on his feet, but Tendi just seems very happy that Peanut Hamper is doing so well, and that as her orientation liaison, this is a good victory for her.

In the corridors, Boimler sees Mariner reading tips the Starfleet Manual has for uniform compliance, and accuses her of trying to cheat him out of a promotion. Mariner simply offers a rebuttal that he is always trying to get her to be more compliant with Starfleet protocol, says that they wouldn't be in this position if he hadn't let everyone know that Freeman was her mother, and that he only has himself to blame.

Pakled ship attacking the Cerritos

The Cerritos under attack by the Pakleds

At that moment, the Cerritos drops out of warp right into the debris field of the Solvang. Ransom immediately orders a red alert and the shields, but the ship strikes some large pieces of debris before they come online, and Shaxs warns of a collision alert on Decks 3, 15, and 20. Freeman is shocked to see the large rear section of the Solvang's saucer emblazoned with her name and registry drift into view, realizing that the debris is all that's left. Ransom reports that there're no life signs: the entire crew has perished in the disaster, when a mechanical grappling arm impales the saucer piece, pulling it to a mysterious hostile vessel and roughly integrating it into itself. The vessel's weapons power up and open fire on the Cerritos, and Freeman orders evasive maneuvers. She orders for a distress call to be sent out but is told that communications are being jammed, as a tractor beam locks onto the Cerritos, and Shaxs reports that two grappling arms have latched onto the port nacelle and its main pylon. Ransom orders for warp, but Freeman belays that and instead orders for the engines to be shut down, believing that Dayton likely also went to warp. Right after the shutdown, the Cerritos is yanked toward the massive ship, its port nacelle getting ripped off in the process but sparing the rest of the ship.

Act Two[]

Adrift and with minimal power, the crew recovers from the crippling attack. Mariner and Boimler arrive to the bridge, and Mariner helps her mother up, who's been injured from bits of bridge that went flying. As Billups restores auxiliary power, the Cerritos is hailed by the vessel. On-screen, a masked warrior, named Jackabog, laughs and taunts them, saying that he thought the Enterprise would be tougher in a fight. Freeman corrects him, saying they are not the Enterprise, and Jackabog removes his helmet to reveal that he's actually a Pakled. Asking what they want, Jackabog tells Freeman that he wants to salvage the wreckage of the Cerritos and integrate them into his own ship. Freeman tries to convince him to call off his attack so they can discuss things peacefully, but Jackabog just fires more grappling arms at the Cerritos and tells them that the Pakleds will cut the Cerritos apart, before ending the transmission. Freeman can't help wonder how the Pakleds got so powerful, with Ransom noting that he always thought them to be kind of a joke. Boimler scans the ship and notes that the ship is integrated with the technologies and weapons of over thirty different species, leading Freeman to realize that the Pakleds are a much more serious threat than when Starfleet last encountered them.

Beckett takes command

Mariner takes command

The Cerritos is pulled directly beneath the Pakled Clumpship, clamped onto with more grappling arms, and phaser slicing beams begin to methodically cut into the hull. Without engines and weapons, Freeman looks to Mariner to take command and "make" her some options. Freeman asks Mariner to do what she does best, to give her a "half-baked solution that breaks Starfleet codes and totally pisses [her] off." Rolling up her sleeves and undoing her tidier hair style, Mariner asks Boimler what computer systems the Pakleds use, and he tells her that with the wide array of technology from other cultures, their computer systems would need to be universal. Over the open com channel, Rutherford comes to the same conclusion as Mariner: make a virus that would disable the Pakleds, Mariner noting that while the Pakleds have the advantage, they are taking their time, giving them an opportunity to plant the virus. Ransom wonders who onboard could be a morally bankrupt genius to code one so quickly.

Rutherford has reached the holodeck in the meantime and orders Rutherford Training Beta 2.5 which loads up Badgey. Rutherford asks Badgey to code a virus, and Badgey says that in order to do that the holodeck safety protocols would need to be disabled. Rutherford asks if Badgey will try to kill him again, to which Badgey only responds with "I'm Badgey!" With little choice, Rutherford disables the safety protocols, and the much more sinister Badgey, revealing that he always monitors the comm channels, immediately gives him three viruses he's prepared beforehand that will disable the Pakled Clumpship. However, Badgey informs him that the viruses will have to be delivered and inserted manually.

Cerritos crew ready to fight

The crew of the Cerritos are ready to fight

The Pakleds start to slowly beam into the Cerritos's bridge and Mariner has the bridge crew evacuate. They try to get to the armory, only to be cut off by more Pakled beam ins. Mariner pulls open some nearby bulkhead access panels, revealing her hidden contraband in the form of multiple alien melee weapons, much to the surprise of Freeman. Arming themselves, they begin to fight off the Pakled boarders. As they fight, Boimler confesses to Mariner that he wasn't angry at her for stealing his chances of being promoted to the Sacramento, noting that he'd applied multiple times with no success. He was angry because he knew that Mariner would have gotten the promotion and that he'd miss her, calling her his best friend. Mariner simply gives an annoyed answer, telling him to shut up, but hides a smile. At that moment, one of the Pakleds seriously wounds Freeman and is about to kill her, when Mariner takes them out. She rushes over to the barely conscious Freeman, distressed that her mother is bleeding profusely enough to easily cover Mariner's hand with blood. Shaxs picks Freeman up in his arms, and they rush her to sickbay while Ransom and Billups cover their backs, guarding the entrance from the outside.

In sickbay, T'Ana has Freeman taken to a biobed. As they stabilize Freeman, Rutherford enters sickbay from the Jefferies tubes with one of the viruses and informs them that it needs to be manually delivered. They question who would be small enough to sneak aboard the Pakled Clumpship without detection and survive the vacuum of space without a ship. Tendi is excited when she realizes that Peanut Hamper is the perfect candidate that can save everyone. However, that excitement is short-lived when Peanut Hamper offhandedly declines the mission. This dumbfounds everyone, and when asked why, Peanut Hamper says that the mission sounds too scary. Tendi asks about the needs of the many, but Peanut Hamper replies that she only joined Starfleet to make her dad angry, not to be a "virus bomb". Everyone begins to scold her and Peanut Hamper dismisses herself, beaming herself outside into space while taunting the humanoids that she hopes they enjoy having their innards spilled. As she beams away, Tendi angrily says that her name is stupid.

Rutherford, who has finally restored his normal attitude, uploads the virus into his implant and volunteers to board the Pakled Clumpship. Tendi protests, saying it's too dangerous, but Rutherford assures her that he's got everything under control. Shaxs then hauls Rutherford over his shoulder and rushes him towards a shuttlebay while assaulting boarders in their way, but when a cutting phaser pierces into the corridor and blocks the way, Shaxs diverts to the repair bay, where they board the Sequoia. Shaxs fires the phasers straight upward through the hull and blasts them out into space, avoiding Pakled fire and grappling arms as they head to the ship. Shaxs is in an eccentric excited mood as he phaser blasts another hole into the hull of the Pakled Clumpship just before wedging the shuttle into the breach.

Shaxs rips out Rutherford's implant

Shaxs rips out Rutherford's implant

They disembark the shuttlecraft and Rutherford finds a computer console and begins to upload the virus. Shaxs fights off multiple guards in hand-to-hand combat, protecting Rutherford as he works. Rutherford is happy to see that the upload is going very fast initially, but the upload slows dramatically, to his confusion. Badgey then appears on the screen and says that the virus won't be uploaded until the Pakleds kill Rutherford, a bit of revenge for Rutherford breaking his neck. Rutherford demands that Badgey disable their systems, which causes Badgey to maliciously initiate a self-destruct sequence. Informed of the hologram's intentions and without any options, Shaxs runs over to Rutherford and rips his implant from his head, severely wounding him, but leaving the implant connected to the console to continue the upload. He puts the now unconscious Rutherford in the shuttle, and pushes the shuttle out into space while an emergency force field activates to cover the breach. Moments later, Badgey blows up the Pakled Clumpship, killing everyone on board, including Shaxs who is grappling more Pakled and pleased to see that Rutherford will survive.

Shaxs' best day

Shaxs fighting to the very end

With the Pakled Clumpship destroyed, Mariner and Boimler return to the bridge in time to see the shuttlecraft adrift in space, and Boimler brings main power online. Ransom reports in as he neutralizes the last Pakled invader, and from sickbay, Freeman orders Mariner to get the ship out of there as soon as the engines are back online, and to not get too comfortable in her command chair. Immediately afterward, however, three more Pakled Clumpships just as large as the first drop out of warp and surround the Cerritos, grabbing the ship with their grappling arms.

Act Three[]

USS Titan firing phasers

The Titan attacks the Pakleds

With the hull beginning to buckle and structural integrity failing from being pulled in three different directions, Mariner orders the crew to abandon ship, just as Boimler picks up an incoming starship. In the distance, the Titan, under the command of Captain William T. Riker, drops out of warp, and immediately opens fire on all three Pakled Clumpships with her full complement of phasers, photon torpedos and quantum torpedos. Riker hails the Cerritos and he tells Mariner that this makes them even. Boimler is shocked that Mariner knows Riker, and Mariner explains that Riker helped hook her up with all her contraband. Riker quickly cuts the transmission as Mariner begins to go into detail, and Deanna Troi asks Riker what that was all about. Riker tries to play it off, and orders the Titan to open fire on the remaining Pakled Clumpships. Troi simply says that they will talk about the contraband later.

The powerful Titan easily dispatches the Pakled Clumpships, outgunning and outmaneuvering them while destroying the grapplers holding the Cerritos in place, making the Pakleds hastily retreat. The bridge crew of the Cerritos cheers as the Pakleds go to warp, and Mariner breathes a grateful sigh of relief. She and Boimler share a pleased smile.

Workbees repair Cerritos, 2380-1

The Cerritos undergoing repairs

Sometime later back at Douglas Station, the Cerritos is undergoing rebuild and repair, and Freeman tells the lieutenant commander in charge of the project that she doesn't want any cosmetic changes done to her ship, wanting her to look like she normally does. Tendi is in a private recovery room currently reserved for Rutherford, who is still unconscious, and has a bandage over where his implant was. His bedside table has several 'get well soon' gifts. She is reading to him about fluidic systems from an engineering manual when Rutherford wakes up, noting that fluidic systems are always very messy. Tendi is overjoyed to see him finally awake, and embraces him. He asks what happened, and Tendi explains that he saved the Cerritos. Rutherford appears happy about this, before introducing himself and asking who Tendi is. Realizing that the loss of his implant has directly affected his long-term memory (possibly because they only met after he got the implant), Tendi asks if he remembers her at all, to which he says he doesn't remember what he doesn't remember. At first, Tendi feels hurt by this, but the sadness turns to happiness as she realizes that they will get to become best friends all over again.

Shaxs' funeral

Shaxs' funeral

Later on, the crew holds a funeral for Shaxs, with Freeman stating that he's now with the Prophets. She later places his earring, inside a carved wooden case, atop the tri-folded Federation flag from his casket on her shelf in her ready room. Freeman laments how she doesn't know how she will find a replacement for him, and Mariner smiles, noting that wherever he is, he's full-throat screaming at someone and ejecting a warp core. Freeman then begins to reprimand Mariner for her unauthorized transport to Beta III, her hidden contraband, and notes that she's got a whole year's worth of insubordinate behavior. Mariner replies that without that insubordination, the Cerritos would be destroyed, and the crew would be dead. To her surprise, Freeman agrees that she's right. Freeman notes that Starfleet considers Beta III a known culture, and that they had no idea that the Betans had regressed as they did. She notes that the Pakleds murdered the entire crew of the Solvang when no one thought they were a threat to be taken seriously. Mariner simply replies that Starfleet is good at observing, but bad at maintaining, noting that they can't keep assuming that the next generation of the cultures they meet will keep doing the right thing in the future. Freeman agrees, but as captain, is limited by protocol, however, Mariner is not under the same limitation, and offers to cooperate with her so that they can both make a difference for the better. Mariner agrees, saying that they will likely both end up in the brig. Freeman just asks that she not tell her father.

Freeman and Mariner enter Cerritos's bar, and Freeman looks on as Mariner joins Boimler, Tendi, and Rutherford at a table. Riker and Troi turn out to be visiting the bar too; Riker happily blindsides Freeman in a bearhug, apparently being old acquaintances, and Freeman thanks him for the assist. Riker begins to reminisce of how he mentored Mariner and that Freeman was something of his cha'DIch in the old days of getting in trouble together, although Freeman contends that she remembers her daughter's mentorship differently, and whether she was an active participant of the trouble Riker started. Ransom asks Troi if she knows any Betazoids who would go out with him. She explains that he masks his "ocean of insecurity" with overconfidence, but to her consternation, Ransom replies that he can work with that.

As Tendi catches Rutherford up on the many adventures the two of them had before his accident, Boimler and Mariner reconcile, and Boimler admits that Mariner really is his mentor. Boimler promises that he will no longer be obsessed with rank, and will start appreciating his time on the Cerritos. At that moment, Riker approaches their table, and gives Boimler a PADD, noting that Ransom told him he's one of the best officers on the Cerritos. Boimler is starstruck and thanks Riker. Mariner and Riker then leave the table, with Riker asking Mariner to get him a drink. As they walk away with Mariner contending that Riker no longer owes her a favor, Boimler looks down at the PADD, and his eyes go wide with excitement as he reads what it says...

Boimler aboard the Titan

Lieutenant jg Boimler aboard the Titan

Later, Boimler's PADD is getting flooded with angry voice-messages from Mariner, who calls him a "backstabbing weasel." Boimler has been promoted to lieutenant junior grade, and is now serving aboard the Titan. A couple of his new crewmates enter his new quarters, and say that they've been assigned to help escort Troi to Tulgana IV. Boimler begins to talk about his own adventures on Tulgana IV, and one crewmate notes his PADD's many messages. He replies that it's just an old friend who is a little mad that he took the promotion, but that she'll eventually get over it.

Mariner continues to angrily send messages to Boimler from her bunk late into her sleep schedule, much to the disdain of her fellow crewmates. Jen yells at her to keep it down as the rest of beta shift is trying to sleep, but Mariner tells her to shut up.

William Riker and Deanna Troi, 2380

Riker and Troi on the bridge of the Titan

On the bridge of the Titan, Riker enters a bit late from watching a historical holo-program of Jonathan Archer's Enterprise, and Boimler tells him that a course to Tulgana IV has been set. Riker notes that Tulgana IV has a Little Risa, and Troi asks if they should take their "little horga'hn", but Riker just says they'll take the one they always use. He then orders Boimler to take them to warp, and the Titan heads off to Tulgana IV…

Peanut Hamper in the meantime calls out for help as she drifts endlessly through space.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Ugh. Landru."
"I know, it's always weird revisiting planets from the TOS era."
"It's what I call the 2260s. Stands for 'those old scientists' – You know, Spock, Scotty, those guys. Seems like they were stumbling on crazy new aliens every week back then."

- Carol Freeman and Jack Ransom

"From now on, I'll make sure to give you special attention."
"No! Be as hard on her as you always are!"
"Yeah, be hard on me!"
"I'm only hard on you when you make me hard! I mean I'm – I'm not hard right now! I mean I could – I could get hard, if I wanted to, but I'm not hard right now. I'm so sorry! You're both great!"

- Ransom, Freeman, and Beckett Mariner

"So, hey. Do you want me to call you 'Exocomp', or do you have an alpha-numeric name like 'T-T-3-0-3-1-1'?"
"No, I didn't want to sound robotic, I wanted to be called something normal. So, I analyzed all Federation languages and calculated a mathematically perfect name."
"What is it?"
"Peanut Hamper."
"Peanut Hamper? I LOVE IT!"

-Tendi and Peanut Hamper

"Hey, Mariner! I'm Lieutenant Levy. We went on a date last year. I don't know if you recall."
"Yeah, Steve, I remember. You said Wolf 359 was an inside job."
"It totally was. So, hey, I was wondering, could you give this to your mom for me? It's just a few ideas I threw together on how to decorate the captain's yacht."
"Fine. Whatever."
"You're the best. Thanks, Mariner. Changelings aren't real. The Dominion War didn't happen!"

- Steve Levy and Mariner

"You think your mom would be okay with me and Shaxs making a little love connection? I'd love to snag that Bajoran beefsteak with my coital hooks."

- T'Ana

"Go to warp! Get us out of here!"
"No! Shut down engines!"
"But we'll be sitting ducks!"
"Dayton would've thought the same thing and look what happened to them! Shut it down!"

- Ransom and Freeman, under attack by the Pakleds

"We want your ship pieces to add to our ship pieces, so that we have all the ship pieces!"

- Jackabog

"Hello, Father. I've already created three viruses that would disable Pakled technology."
"You were monitoring comms?"
"Oh, I'm always monitoring comms."

- Badgey and Sam Rutherford

"Intruders beaming in! Very slowly beaming in!"

- Ransom

"Looks like we'll have to repel them the old-fashioned way. Setting my fists to stun and my kicks to kill."

- Ransom

"REOWR! Uh, sorry. I mean get the captain to the biobed, quick, quick!"

- T'Ana

"Hang in there, Baby Beaaar...!"

- Shaxs to Rutherford before his death

"You know Riker?."
"Yeah, who do you think hooked me up with all my contraband? Dude is flushed with Romulan ale and -" [Transmission cut]
"I'm sorry, what was that?"
"Uh - We're still in red alert. Target those ships and fire!"
"We're talking about this later."

- Boimler, Mariner, Troi and Riker

"Make us go! Go, guys, go!'"

- Pakled captain

"Nice to meet you, I'm Rutherford."
"Oh, your implant. I-It must have damaged your long-term memory. Do you remember me at all?"
"Well, no. But don't take it personally. I don't remember what I don't remember."
"You know what this means, right? … We get to become best friends all over again!"
"Okie dokie!"

- Rutherford and Tendi

"Deanna, can you introduce me to any of your Betazoid friends?"
"Jack, I sense you exaggerate your confidence in order to mask an ocean of insecurity."
"Oh, will they sense that too? I can make that work for me."

- Ransom and Troi

"Ugh. Why did we ever keep this a secret in the first place?"
"Ugh. I just wanted to fly under the radar!"
"And I didn't want anyone to know the most demerited officer in the fleet was my daugther!"

- Freeman and Mariner

"Hey psycho, keep it down. We're trying to sleep!"
"Oh, shut up, Jen!"

- Jennifer and Mariner, as Mariner angrily messages Boimler

"I'm sorry I'm late, I was watching the first Enterprise on the holodeck. You know, Archer and those guys? What a story. Those guys had a long road getting from there to here."

- Riker

"Give me warp in the factor of five, six, seven, eight!"
"Oh, the Jazz"

- Riker and Troi

Background information[]


  • 5 October 2020: Title publicly revealed [1]
  • "No Small Parts" derives from the theatrical aphorism "There are no small parts, only small actors." The origin of the saying is uncertain, but it has been attributed to the Russian director Konstantin Stanislavski and to the American actor Joseph Jefferson.

Story and script[]

  • Writer and producer Mike McMahan said that he was proud of this episode because it was one in which "we broke our own rules": "In that finale, it’s like, how do you fit four stories, and comedy, and a really great-feeling Star Trek episode that means something into just 22 minutes." [2]


Remco Star Trek Spock Space Fun Helmet

"Official Star Trek Helmet"


  • With this episode, Jonathan Frakes becomes the only Star Trek regular cast member to appear in six different Star Trek television series, having appeared as Thomas Riker on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
    • Frakes and Marina Sirtis also become the first Star Trek actors to portray the same characters on five different series with this episode.
  • This is the first episode where Marina Sirtis is credited by rank, as Cmdr. Deanna Troi. In previous appearances, she was credited either by name or as "Counselor".


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2260s; 2379; "abandon ship"; admiral; admiration; alien; "all hands"; amber; Andoria Town; Antaran; Archer, Jonathan; Arkonian; armory; Armus; articles; ass; attack; attention; attitude; attitude selector (aka attitude button); authorization; auxiliary power; axe; Baby Bear; Bajoran; Bajoran earring; bar; basket; bat'leth; Battle of Kalla; beaming; beefsteak; best friend; Beta III; Betan; Betazoid; biobed; blast; Boimler Effect; brig; British; brush; butt; button; Caitian; California-class (aka "Cali-class"); captain; Captain Freeman Day; "Captain Mommy"; captain's chair; captain's ready room; captain's yacht; career; cargo management unit; Cerritos, USS; cha'DIch; Changelings; cheating; code base; coital hooks; collision alert; combadge; commander; compass; computer (aka computer systems); computer virus; contraband; coordinates; cowboy; crayons; Crusher, Beverly; Crusher, Wesley; cultures; cyborg; date; daughter; day; death; decorating; dilithium; distress call; doctor (aka "doc"); dog (The Dog); Dominion War; double-fist punch; Douglas Station; Douglas Station planet; drugs; ensign; "Ensign Klutz"; Enterprise NX-01; Enterprise-D, USS; escape pods; evasive maneuvers; exocomp; father (aka dad); Federation; Federation, flag of the; feeding; feet; Ferengi (Ferengi Alliance); film; First Contact Day; fists; fleet; flesh; fluidic systems (aka fluidics); fly; free weight; Freeman, Alonzo; *bleep*; funeral service; galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy); Gamester of Triskelion; generation; girlfriend; glavin; glue; god; grappler (aka mining arm); guts; guys; halberd; Haliian; hand pie (key lime pie); hands; handshake; hard drive; hazing; head; hell; helmet; holodeck; horga'hn; hybrid; ice cream headache; ideas; implant; "inside job"; insubordinations; intruders; Jackabog's ship; jazz; "Jen"; joke; Joshua Tree; journal; Kalla system; Kalla system star; kanar; Kevin; kicks; kill; kisses; Klingon (Klingon Empire); Klingon district; "knucklehead"; languages; lawgiver; lecture; leg; legacy civilizations; letter of recommendation; life; life signs; "Little Risa"; log; long-term memory; lower decks; Luna-class; main engines; main power; mentor; Merp's species; micro-suturing; middle management; missions; mom; Mondor-type; money; mouth; Moxy's species; murder; nacelle; name (alpha-numeric name); Napean; NCC; neck; nepotism; nerd; nurse; ocean; office; officer; officers' lounge; "okey-dokey"; options; optimism; orbit; order; organic; orientation liaison; Orion; PADD; paints; Pakled; Pakled Clumpship (unnamed (x3)); paradox; party; pattern-buffer maintenance hatch; pencil; percent; phaser; photon torpedo; "piss off"; pitchfork; planet; plasma ring scan; pole arm; port; praying; present; processing hub; profiting; promotion; Prophets; protractor; psycho; purging; purple; RADAR; rank; rapier; "ratted me out"; recruit; red alert; red hour; reflective panels; replication; road; Robin Hood; robot; Romulan (Romulan Star Empire); Romulan ale; royalty; Rubidoux, USS; Rutherford Training Beta 2.5; Sacramento, USS (aka "The Sac"); sacrifice; safety protocols; salmon; Saurian; Saurian brandy; scanner; scientists; Scott, Montgomery (aka "Scotty"); screaming; scythe; second contact; secret; Sequoia; service corridor; shields; shoes; "show her [the] ropes"; "sitch"; "sitting ducks"; skin; skin graft; skull and crossbones; sleep; social club; society; socks; Solvang, USS; Sovereign-class; "space fun helmet"; Spacedock-type; species; Starbase 77; Starfleet; Starfleet codes; Starfleet insignia; Starfleet manual; Starfleet protocol; Starfleet uniform (2250s-early 2270s); Starfleet uniform (2370s-early 2380s); Starfleet uniform (early 2380s); stealing; story; stun; suck up; sword; system; T88s; target; thing (aka "thingy"); throat; time; Titan, USS; TOS era; tribble; Trill; TT30311; Tulgana IV; Tulgana system; turbolift; virus; warp; warp core; weapon; weapons panel; weasel; week; Wolf 359; workbee (unnamed); worship; wreckage; year

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