Nocona was an alien commander for a mining company in the Delta Quadrant, near the Beta Quadrant border. He owned an asteroid field that contained a large Talaxian colony, which he wanted to evict.

In 2378, his ship launched thermolyte explosives into the field to shatter open the asteroids. At the same time, the Delta Flyer II was passing through, and got knocked to the asteroid the Talaxians lived in. He was later hailed by the USS Voyager, and told them that he wasn't aware their away team had entered the field, and that they should have asked permission. After Voyager assured him they didn't want the resources from the field, he let their crewmen return.

Aboard the asteroid, he gave a final deadline for the Talaxians to leave, as he'd been warning them for years, as their asteroid held more than 30% of the ore. After a confrontation on the asteroid, ending in Neelix sending them away at phaser-point, they negotiated for more time aboard Voyager. Later when the Talaxians tried to install shield generators into their asteroid, to protect from Commander Nocona's ship, he attacked the Baxial, the Talaxian fighter, and later the Delta Flyer. They were successful in placing the field, so Nocona went off to mine other asteroids, leaving the Talaxians alone. (VOY: "Homestead")

Commander Nocona was played by actor John Kenton Shull.
His costume was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]
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