The Noh-Jay Consortium was a business alliance created by Jake Sisko and Nog in 2369 aboard Deep Space 9.

The Consortium was formed for the purpose of carrying out a business deal with Nog's uncle Quark. They discovered that Quark had a large amount of Yamok sauce which he could not sell, so they tried to sell it for five bars of gold-pressed latinum to a Lissepian freighter captain. However, the Lissepian captain convinced them to trade the sauce for self-sealing stem bolts. Nog and Jake agreed but the transaction then left them with the new problem of trying to unload the stem bolts.

Once again, rather than sell the bolts they were talked into a trade, this time for seven tessipates of land on Bajor by the Bajoran Sirco Ch'Ano. They soon learned that the Bajoran Provisional Government was trying to buy this land for the purpose of civic expansion. Quark, eager to get his hands on land which he believed he could sell at a premium, agreed to buy the land from Nog and Jake for five bars of gold-pressed latinum. (DS9: "Progress")

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