Nona was a Kahn-ut-tu woman and the wife of Tyree, leader of the Hill People on the planet Neural. Nona possessed mystical powers that kept Tyree under her spell. When rival villagers obtained flintlock guns from the Klingons, Nona wanted Tyree to get the same weapons so they could be stronger than their enemies. Tyree wished to follow the path of peace.

In 2268, she helped cure James T. Kirk after he was attacked by a Mugato. She saw Leonard McCoy use a phaser to heat rocks to keep Kirk warm, and she saw this as a weapon she could use to obtain power. She refused to cure Kirk until Tyree told her who they were. Nona wanted Kirk to arm her people as a reward for curing him, but he refused.

Nona, believing that the villagers would become rulers of the planet, decided to betray Tyree. She stole Kirk's phaser and sought out Apella, the leader of the rival faction. She was intercepted by his army, but when they saw Tyree and Kirk approaching, they believed it was a trap and stabbed her to death. Ironically, her death so angered her husband that he abandoned his desire for peace and demanded that Kirk arm his people so they could make war on the villagers. (TOS: "A Private Little War")

Nona was portrayed by Nancy Kovack.

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