The Norkova was a 24th century Federation Antares-class freighter.

In mid-2369, the Norkova transported a load of extremely rare and extremely valuable deuridium from the Gamma Quadrant to starbase Deep Space 9, which in turn, was to be delivered to the Kobliad.

Prior to the Norkova's arrival, the station's security personnel, aware of a possible Kobliad plot to hijack the deuridium, took several security precautions to prevent its theft.

Upon its emergence from the Bajoran wormhole, the Norkova requested permission to dock at the station. Due to the considerable value of the cargo, Commander Sisko placed the station at security alert yellow, to ensure its safety.

Receiving an unexpected escort

Although the cargo was originally assigned docking bay 8, Sisko reassigned the Norkova's cargo to bay 12, to throw off the hijackers, while having Odo maintain a visible contingent of security at bay 8. Meanwhile, the USS Rio Grande departed the station to escort the Norkova. It was later realized that the runabout was hijacked by Rao Vantika, whose consciousness was placed into Julian Bashir. As the hijackers beamed aboard the bridge, they killed the three members of the bridge crew, raised the ship's shields and effectively took complete control over the vessel.

Caught in DS9's tractor beam

Upon immediate discovery of what had just happened, the crew of DS9 locked a tractor beam on the Norkova, in an attempt to prevent its theft. Despite Vantika's attempt to engage the Norkova's engines at full impulse, it was unable to break the beam. This tactic did prevent the station from pulling the Norkova into a docking bay. Vantika then threatened to take the Norkova to warp if the station did not release the tractor beam, which would ultimately destroy the ship, kill Bashir, and spread deuridium all over the Bajoran system.

Lieutenant Dax was able to prevent the Norkova from going to warp by sending an EM feedback pulse through the station's tractor beam. This feedback pulse resonated off of Norkova's shields and created an electromagnetic field inside the ship. This EM field then disrupted Vantika's hold over Bashir's body, allowing Bashir's consciousness to "emerge" so that he could drop the Norkova's shields and be transported from the bridge – saving himself and the deuridium shipment. (DS9: "The Passenger")



Background information

According to the script for the episode, the pronunciation for Norkova was "Nor-KOE-vuh". [1]

The crewmembers of the Norkova wore the same uniforms as the Harod IV miners seen in TNG: "The Perfect Mate".

The ship's control interfaces were more akin to 24th century stylings, unlike her sister ship, the SS Xhosa, which had interfaces more akin to 23rd century stylings.

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