Noss was encountered by Tuvok and Tom Paris after they crashed on an uncharted planet in 2375. She found their shuttle, and pulled a weapon and stole their medical kit. Noss was attacked by reptilian-looking aliens, but Tuvok saved her. Noss led them to her ship, which had a working force field but no working engines. Noss told them that she lived there for fourteen seasons, and had never seen a ship escape the gravity well. She helped them survive on the hostile planet by teaching them how to hunt and providing them with shelter.

She became romantic toward Tuvok. After he was hurt, she nursed him back to health and kissed him, only to be rebuffed by him. She attempted to leave them, but Paris stopped her.

After USS Voyager rescued Tuvok and Paris, Noss was returned to her home planet, but not before Tuvok performed a mind meld on Noss that helped her gain a better understanding of him. (VOY: "Gravity")

Noss was played by actress Lori Petty.
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