Noss' ship crashed

Noss' ship on the planets surface

Noss' freighter was an alien starship operated by Noss in the late 24th century.

The ship consisted of a front command section with three large windows, a structure of six port-to-starboard braces that held five rows of six compartments together. The ship's aft section consisted of two large engine exhaust ports.

At some point, the ship was caught in a gravity well that pulled it into a subspace sinkhole, a pocket of space where time moved faster than in normal space, forcing it to crash-land on a planet in a G-type star system. The ship's engines were too badly damaged for the ship to return to orbit, but it still had power and life support so Noss lived inside of it. It served as valuable protection from the other hostile aliens that had crashed on the planet and tried to scavenge it for supplies.

When Tom Paris, The Doctor, and Tuvok crashed on the planet under similar circumstances in 2375 and their shuttle was destroyed, they saved and befriended Noss and took refuge in her ship with her for the remaining time they were trapped on the planet. (VOY: "Gravity")

The studio model for "Noss' Freighter" was designed by Rick Sternbach.
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