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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

Lieutenant Noum, MD was a Tellarite sciences division Starfleet lieutenant who served as chief medical officer on the USS Dauntless and later as ship's counselor on the USS Voyager-A.

Service history[]

He was on the bridge in 2384 when the Dauntless's sensors detected a third proto-warp signature originating from the USS Protostar. (PRO: "A Moral Star, Part 2")

He later joined the away team that discovered the Diviner at Tars Lamora. (PRO: "Asylum") Following the discovery, he attempted to revive the Diviner. He managed to do so when Ensign Asencia suggested that the fluid in the patient's exosuit could be a kind of bio-serum for his species (PRO: "Let Sleeping Borg Lie").

Noum was on the bridge when the Protostar suddenly emerged right in front of the Dauntless, then took off at high warp. Tysess immediately called the Admiral to report to bridge, but Noum stated she was not answering comms, leading Tysess to wonder where she was since they needed her immediately. When Tysess asked if they could get closer to the Protostar. Ensign Asencia suggested that they could close gap if they rerouted power from quantum slipstream--that would allow them to merge their warp fields and lock onto their course. When Noum argued that if the Protostar engaged their proto-engine, they’d be torn apart. Asencia pointed out that the proto-drive was offline and reminded Tysess that the Admiral did not want them to lose the ship.

When Admiral Janeway finally reported to the bridge, she displayed highly erratic behavior, leading Noum to order to her to drink a cup of coffee. When Janeway immediately spit the coffee out, Noum realized something was wrong. He went to her ready room and insisted that she come to sickbay for tests, telling her that he ran a scan on her and found some damage in her cerebral cortex. The admiral declined by literally throwing Noum out of her ready room. She then quickly left the bridge after putting Tysess (whom she referred to in this instance as "antenna") in charge.

Afterwards, Noum, Tysess and Ascencia found Janeway in her quarters, dancing erratically. When Tysess informed her that they were taking her to sickbay, Janeway made a run for it but was quickly subdued by members of her crew. When a furious Janeway asked “Don’t you know who I am?” Noum replied that, no, they did not, sedated her, and had her placed in sickbay in restraints for her own protection.

Later, on the bridge, it was discovered that Janeway, in an environmental suit was walking along the outside of the Dauntless. Tysess demanded that she be beamed back, but Noum stated that the merged warp field made that impossible. While Tysess insisted that they find an option before she burned herself alive, Noum complained that she was endangering the lives of everyone aboard the ship. Ultimately, they were able to pull the admiral back in with a tractor beam and have her placed in the brig. (PRO: "Mindwalk")

Holograms []

Following Jankom Pog's encounter with Noum, he created a holodeck scenario featuring the doctor, who appeared in the form of five motorcycle-riding hooligans, with whom he fought in a street fighting sim.

When the living construct caused Hologram Janeway to take over the Protostar and trap the crew in the holodeck, a number of holoprograms used by the crew merged, and Noum to appeared in various scenarios, first as five bikers from Pog's sim. One of the bikers had a Key Club tattoo on his chest.

Following the defeat of the biker gang, the sim transitioned into a 1920s scenario taking place in The Key Club, where, along with a number of Human holograms, a number of gangsters appeared in the form of Noum, and they all watched the musical act, "Mr. Murfy No Shoes".

One of the Noums appeared as the emcee, another Noum had his fedora snatched by Murf as he began his set, while another watched on. Later, when Pog and Dal R'El took and opened briefcase containing gold-pressed latinum being exchanged from a Human ganster and another Noum lookalike, the gangsters chased the Protostar crew through the club until they escaped to the next sim.

Following the escape from The Key Club, the sim transitioned onto a pirate ship manned by roughly ten Noum-esqe pirates. (PRO: "Ghost in the Machine")



Background information[]

Noum was voiced by Jason Alexander.