Nunk was a male Ferengi who lived during the late 24th century, where he commanded a D'Kora-class Marauder.

In 2377, Nunk saw profit in obtaining Borg nanoprobes from Seven of Nine, who became known after the USS Voyager was contacted by Starfleet's Pathfinder Project. He hired a dabo girl named Leosa to seduce Lieutenant Reginald Barclay and thereby gain access to information on the Project's transmissions. This included knowledge of a hologram of Barclay which was being sent. He positioned his marauder such that it intercepted the program.

During the next month, he altered the program to convince Voyager's crew to execute a plan to get the ship home by creating a fold in space and opening a gateway. Nunk planned to initiate a verteron pulse in the red giant star to open a geodesic fold to bring Voyager through the fold. This would kill the entire crew, but keep the nanoprobes intact for himself, giving Leosa a cut of the profits.

Nunk's plan initially succeeded, due to the convincing personality of the hologram, until the final point when they initiated the pulse. The real Barclay pretended to be the hologram and told the Ferengi that Janeway had discovered the plot. He initially wanted to simply leave, but Barclay said they had to close the fold. Nunk did so, which triggered Janeway to stop the process on her end. The hologram tried to kidnap Seven, but was transported back to the ship. Nunk saw an empty escape pod emerge from the fold and dock with his ship. (VOY: "Inside Man")

Nunk was played by Michael William Rivkin.

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