Ny Terla

Ny Terla was an inhabitant of a planet that the USS Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrant in 2371.

Arriving at the planet, Voyager found it in ruins and devoid of life. An away team landed, and Captain Janeway and Lt. Paris were transported back into the time before the destruction. They discovered that there was dissent among the population about the use of polaric ion energy. Terla was part of a demonstration trying to get the use of polaric energy banned. He led Janeway and Paris to the home of the leader of the demonstration, Pe'Nar Makull, after it became violent. Terla became suspicious of Janeway and Paris and believed them to be government spies. He then was in charge of interrogating them.

Terla and his comrades attempted to take over an energy plant in order to disable the polaric energy conduit. Terla shot Paris at the plant during a gun battle with the guards. Janeway believed that the planet was accidentally destroyed by the demonstrators when they tried to disabled the polaric energy. She tried to stop Terla and Makull, but instead they discovered that a rescue team from the Voyager caused the accident, not the protesters. Janeway was able to stop them, time was reset and Terla and the rest of the population of the planet were safe. (VOY: "Time and Again")

Terla was played by Joel Polis.
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