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For the prime universe counterpart, please see Nyota Uhura.

Nyota Uhura was a Terran female who served in Starfleet in the mid-23rd century, operating as a communications officer on the ISS Enterprise with the rank of lieutenant. Security Chief Hikaru Sulu was known to be infatuated with her, a feeling that Uhura herself had not returned as of 2267.

In 2267, while on an away mission with Captain James T. Kirk, Montgomery Scott, and Doctor Leonard McCoy, Uhura was transported to the USS Enterprise and locked into the ship's brig upon Spock's discovery of her true identity. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")



In the novel The Sorrows of Empire, Uhura, during a clandestine meeting with Scott and McCoy, loudly announced that she was going to try to kill Captain Spock. Almost immediately after this proclamation, Uhura disappeared into thin air, a victim of Spock's captured Tantalus field. She was succeeded as communications officer by the mirror universe counterpart of Lieutenant Palmer.

In DC Comics The Mirror Universe Saga, Uhura continued to serve on the Enterprise under Captain Kirk and participated in the Enterprise's incursion into the prime universe. Uhura, along with the rest of the Enterprise crew, was eventually captured by Admiral Kirk and the Enterprise crew and placed into stasis aboard the USS Excelsior. Upon escaping from Excelsior, the Enterprise crew, along with Uhura, were killed by another Terran starship as the Empire had been made to believe that Kirk was a traitor to the Empire, not knowing it was Kirk's counterpart posing as Kirk.

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