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:''O'Zaal was played by actor [[Brian George]].''
:''O'Zaal was played by actor [[Brian George]].''

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O'Zaal in 2377.

O'Zaal was an Antarian ambassador in the late 24th century. He coordinated the 2377 Antarian Trans-stellar Rally.

Captain Kathryn Janeway would enter the Delta Flyer in the race. O'Zaal informed her that the race is a step towards peace for the four cultures that live in the area. There had been war between them for years, and this would the first time the cultures were at peace.

O'Zaal had a difficult task of juggling all the political considerations of each culture involved with the event, given that the peace among the four species was still fragile after nearly a century of war. He knew that each decision he made might offend one of the species. To settle a dispute about which culture would host the pre-game reception, he accepted Janeway's offer to host it aboard Voyager.

When he found out that there was a possibility of sabotage he considered canceling the race. He decided to continue refusing to cave into extremists. Paris, Kim, and Torres would stop the extremist named Irina who had planted a bomb, and the race was successful and the peace held.

(VOY: "Drive")

O'Zaal was played by actor Brian George.
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