An obstetrician was a type of physician who specialized in the medical science field of obstetrics, and as such, dealt with the care of females during pregnancy, childbirth, and the subsequent recovery period following delivery. Nurses who specialized in this field were recognized as obstetrics specialists.

In mid-2369, the USS Enterprise-D received a transfer of several new crewmembers from Starbase 218, including a Nurse Beck, an obstetrics specialist. (TNG: "Lessons")

While assisting Pralor Automated Personnel Unit 3947 in the construction of Prototype Unit 0001, in 2372, B'Elanna Torres asked if 3947 was going to be the obstetrician for the new unit. 3947, however, did not understand the question. Torres clarified, "If this works, will you be in charge of assembling the new units?". 3947, who was programmed as a ship's maintenance unit, explained that neither he nor any other personnel unit had "knowledge of design". Torres stated, "Sounds like you just volunteered for new duty,". She further explained that the scope of his obstetric duties, once the prototype was completed, would simply involve "copying it." (VOY: "Prototype")

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