Oji was a Mintakan female, daughter of Liko, and member of Nuria's community on Mintaka III in 2366.

In 2366, after the death of her mother the previous year, Oji inherited the responsibility of being a record keeper by taking daily sundial measurements from an observation point near her community. She was exceptionally dedicated to this task and often arrived several minutes early in order to be certain she could make the observations at exactly the specified time.

In that same year Oji and her father witnessed a Federation duck blind become exposed on an outcrop near the observation point. Her father was injured trying to examine the revealed research center and subsequently transported aboard the USS Enterprise-D, returning to the surface sometime later with the belief that he had been resurrected by gods aboard that vessel. Oji was reluctant to believe him at first, but being very empirical she could find no other explanation for the seemingly miraculous abilities the Federation technology allowed its users.

Eventually, though, Jean-Luc Picard was able to convince the Mintakans, including Oji, of his mortality. (TNG: "Who Watches The Watchers")

Oji was played by Pamela Segall.
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