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"Ooby Dooby" was a song performed by Human musician Roy Orbison.

Zefram Cochrane, a fan of "rock 'n roll" music, played "Ooby Dooby" often on a jukebox in a small bar he frequented in Bozeman, Montana, in 2063.

When the USS Enterprise-E traveled back in time, William T. Riker made the mistake of unplugging the bar's jukebox mid-song, resulting in him nearly getting hit by a whiskey bottle thrown by Cochrane.

"Ooby Dooby" was also played at the official First Contact between Humanity and the Vulcans, much to the shock of the latter. (Star Trek: First Contact)

"Ooby Dooby" was penned by Dick Penner and Wade Moore, and first appeared in the 1960 album Roy Orbison at the Rock House. The song can be also found on the Star Trek: First Contact soundtrack, courtesy of Orbison Records, Inc.

Selected lyrics

Ooby dooby, ooby dooby
Ooby dooby, dooby dooby
Dooby dooby, do-wah, do-wah, do-wah
Well you wiggle to the left, you wiggle to the right
Do the ooby-dooby with all of your might
Ooby dooby...