The command briefing for Operation Retrieve included a star chart which located many prominent celestial bodies and the location of three starships in Federation and Klingon space. This chart was divided into squares. A thin black line demarcated the border between the two interstellar governments.

Locations on Operation Retrieve Chart
Name Type Affiliation X,Y Notes
Alpha Bayard star Federation G, 6 (none)
Alpha Beaird star Klingon N, 4 (none)
Alpha Crum star Federation D, 5 (none)
Alpha Glover star Klingon E, 2 (none)
Alpha Johnson star Klingon E, 2 (none)
Alpha McCusker star Klingon N, 3 (none)
Apperson's Asteroid asteroid Federation D, 4 (none)
Arnold's Planet planet Federation J, 6 (none)
Baber Nebula nebula Klingon B, 2 (none)
Barnes Nebula nebula Klingon I, 2 (none)
Barnett's Star star Federation E, 6 (none)
Bergman's Planet planet Klingon F, 1 (none)
Beta Christenberry star Klingon M, 3 (none)
Beta Cook star Federation B, 3 (none)
Beta Flinn star Klingon J, 2 (none)
Beta Friedlich star Federation B, 6 (none)
Beta Garretson star Klingon N, 7 (none)
Beta Lingard star Klingon C, 2 (none)
Beta Michaels star Klingon H, 1 (none)
Beta Schwartz star Federation D, 3 (none)
Beta Sternbach star Federation G, 5 (none)
Breton's Planet planet Klingon C, 2 (none)
Brookshire's Planet planet Federation B, 3 (none)
Buckley's Planet planet Klingon O, 4 (none)
Cantamessa's Star star Klingon N, 6 (none)
Cole's Star star Federation E, 3 (none)
Cybulski's Planet planet Klingon N, 3 (none)
Delta Hart star Klingon K, 1 (none)
Downer's Star star Federation F, 4 (none)
Farrarworld planet Klingon E, 1 (none)
Foster Nebula nebula Federation F, 7 (none)
Frazee's Nova nova Federation A, 4 (none)
Friedlich Nebula nebula Federation B, 7 (none)
Gamma Fitzgerald star Federation E, 6 (none)
Gauger Star star Klingon N, 5 (none)
Gravesworld planet Klingon M, 6 shares same name with Federation planet
Harstedt's Planet planet Klingon C, 1 (none)
Hershman's Star star Klingon A, 1 (none)
Hodges Nebula nebula Klingon B, 2 (none)
Latonaworld planet Federation A, 6 (none)
Molly's Star star Klingon L, 5 (none)
Moreyworld planet Klingon O, 2 (none)
Myer's Star star Federation H, 4 (none)
Narita's Planet planet Klingon G, 2 (none)
Nimoy's Star star Federation E, 5 (none)
Nollman's Planet planet Klingon I, 3 (none)
Nuzzo Station space station Klingon H, 3 represented by a Klingon logo
Okrand Colony colony Klingon N, 1 represented by a Klingon logo
Rao-Beyers star Federation I, 5 (none)
Rura Penthe planet Klingon J, 3 planet's star was identified as Beta Penthe (stellar index 934-83294)
Sasgen's Star star Klingon O, 2 (none)
Sigma Trotti star Federation F, 3 (none)
Starbase 24 starbase Federation A, 5 represented by a Starfleet logo; location of the USS John Muir
Stevens Nebula nebula Klingon P, 5 (none)
Theta Gentle star Klingon M, 2 (none)
Theta Hulett star Federation H, 5 (none)
USS Emden starship Federation H, 6 represented by the silhouette of a Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Korolev starship Federation D, 5 represented by the silhouette of a Constitution-class heavy cruiser
USS Potemkin starship Federation C, 4 represented by the silhouette of a Constitution-class heavy cruiser
Wenselworld planet Klingon P, 3 (none)
Winter's Nova nova Klingon M, 5 (none)
Wise Nebula nebula Federation A, 5 (none)
Zimmerman's Star star Klingon I, 1 (none)
(unknown) star Klingon P,1 identified as an alpha star
(unknown) star Klingon M, 3 identified as an alpha star
(unknown) star Klingon O, 5 identified as a beta star
(unknown) planet Klingon O, 6 identified as a world
I have arbitrarily assigned a coordinate system for this chart. I have set the x-axis starting at A and ending at P (left to right), and the y-axis starting at 1 and ending at 7 (top to bottom). Many of these locations shared their names with the last names of crew who worked on the sixth film. This chart was seen in the film, and later was seen in greater resolution at []. Many of the names were clearly readable; however, some locations at the extreme right of the chart are unreadable due to the angle the picture was snapped.
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