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B'Elanna Torres in orbital skydiving gear.

Orbital skydiving was a recreational activity that involved leaping from a spacecraft at exospheric altitudes. (VOY: "Extreme Risk")


Kirk skydiving in 2258

In the alternate reality, James T. Kirk, Hikaru Sulu and Chief Engineer Olson performed a space-dive in 2258 in order to access and de-activate the Narada's drill platform. (Star Trek)

Kirk referred to this incident a year later, when he and Khan Noonien Singh jumped out through USS Enterprise's trash exhaust in their thruster suits so they could clandestinely board the USS Vengeance. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

While trying to feel "alive" in 2375 after learning of the destruction of the Maquis, B'Elanna Torres would occasionally skydive from a shuttlecraft in the holodeck with the safety protocols off. If the program was interrupted mid-fall, a force field would move her from a horizontal to a vertical position. (VOY: "Extreme Risk")


Background information

The costume, with attached helmet

James T. Kirk's orbital skydiving attempt was intended to be the opening scene of Star Trek Generations but it was cut from the film. It does appear in the Special Edition DVD. The scene was kept for the comic adaptation and the novelization of Star Trek Generations. The suit that Torres uses is a re-use of the one that Kirk used. The details of this scene are covered extensively in the article "Generations Excised" featured in issue 206 of Star Trek Magazine. Director David Carson stated that the scene looked fun on paper but made the film's opening "top-heavy."


Orbital skydiving is mentioned in the novella Paradigm and the novels Preserver and Captain's Peril.

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