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A ordinance was a local law specific to a city or other settlement.

In 1893, to explain his modifications to Sisters of Hope Infirmary's gas lamps, Jean-Luc Picard claimed to be replacing the burners due to city ordinances, so they would be safer in the event of an earthquake. In reality, he was turning them into Devidian detectors. (TNG: "Time's Arrow, Part II")

Local ordinances on the former Skagaran colony run by Humans did not allow Skagarans to drink alcohol or be educated. In 2153, Deputy Bennings of the town of North Star stated that he could bend a local ordinance if he chose to, as an attempt to offer Draysik a drink. His comment was overheard by Jonathan Archer, who later repeated to Bennings that "I thought you could bend the local ordinances," after the deputy found and attempted to arrest Bethany for educating Skagaran children, declaring that "the law is the law." While Bennings agreed that he could bend the local ordinances, he said that Bethany's infraction was "one I have no intention of bending." (ENT: "North Star")

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