Organian council of elders

Organian Council of Elders, 2267

The Organian Council of Elders was a council of wise men on planet Organia. The Council of Elders was not a governing body, since the Organians do not have leaders. But during the Federation-Klingon War the Elders were treated as the de facto rulers by the captain of the starship USS Enterprise, James T. Kirk.

In 2267, the Council was presided over by Ayelborne. In addition to Ayelborne, the Council consisted of Trefayne, Claymare and several others.

The Council presented a baffling facade to Kirk; at first helping him, and later betraying him, and still later, helping him again. It likewise confused Klingon Governor Kor, who found the constant gentle smiles of its members irritating. The difficulty, as Kirk eventually learned, was that their objective was to prevent all violence on their world, even if this meant temporary inconvenience to one of their visitors. And they were, with good reason, supremely confident in their ability to achieve that goal.

When the Organians elected to intervene in the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, the council spearheaded this effort. They prevented all of the visitors to their world from engaging in hostilities, and they similarly disabled the fleets about to battle near their world. As they imposed what came to be called the Organian Peace Treaty, Ayelborne appeared before Kirk, before the Federation government on Earth, and before the Klingon High Council on Qo'noS. (TOS: "Errand of Mercy")