Orn Lote was a Tagran engineer who lived on Tagra IV.

In 2369, Lote requested help from the USS Enterprise-D in repairing a reactor on the southern continent of the planet. This reactor powered barystatic filters which established ionic currents in the atmosphere. These currents cleaned an atmosphere polluted by industrial waste emissions.

Working with Enterprise-D crewmembers William T. Riker and Geordi La Forge, they attempted to incorporate a field modulator into the existing system. After the modulator was installed and operational, it was discovered the reactor was more damaged than Lote and his colleagues had believed. As the reactor was overloading, La Forge attempted to smother the reaction with a neutrino flush. He soon reported to the Enterprise-D that it was not working – the heat had fused the injectors shut and they were losing containment. With the meltdown a few minutes away, the crew of the Enterprise-D were helpless to help their crewmates and the Tagrans because the transporters were useless because of heavy ionization in the atmosphere.

Watching the events from the bridge of the Enterprise-D, Amanda Rogers, who was a Q, used her powers to save them and the thousands of lives in the reactor's area, and restored the ecosystem. (TNG: "True Q")

Orn Lote was played by actor John P. Connolly.

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