Osaarian script

Osaarians were a humanoid species who populated an area near the Delphic Expanse. According to the Vulcan database, they owned a large merchant marine fleet in the mid-22nd century; this was one of the very few facts about them known to the Vulcans, as these two species had only met rarely.

An Osaarian merchant ship was encountered by Enterprise NX-01 in the Expanse in 2153. The vessel raided Enterprise and then led the starship to its first encounter with a Sphere. Enterprise disabled the Osaarian ship and took its Xindi database for use in the search for the Xindi weapon. (ENT: "Anomaly")

Data regarding the Osaarians was deleted by the Triannon D'Jamat. (ENT: "Chosen Realm")

The Osaarians were originally to have been Orion pirates, as part of an ongoing attempt by the writers of Star Trek: Enterprise to imbue that series with references to Star Trek: The Original Series. However, the name of the enemy species was later altered during rewrites of the script. [1] In the first draft script, they were referred to as Ktarians. Also, when they were introduced in the episode's script, they were referred to as "savage-looking ALIEN MARAUDERS", keeping the name of the species unknown to the reader until later in the script. This was true of how the species was depicted in the first draft and in the final draft, the latter of which finally regarded them as Osaarians.


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