The outer rim or rim was the outer or furthermost, imaginary or physical, boundary of any known or unknown region of space, shaped in a typically circular form.

Tuvok noted "a buildup of magneside dust along the outer rim of the barrier" surrounding a nucleogenic cloud being that was discovered by USS Voyager in 2371.

Solar system

In 2367, the USS Enterprise-D proceeded through the rim of an uncharted binary star system in an attempt to locate the missing USS Brittain. (TNG: "Night Terrors")

The USS Tripoli was a Federation holding vessel that held a position on the outer rim of the shipyard at the Surplus Depot Z15, orbiting Qualor II in 2368. (TNG: "Unification I")

When Chakotay was forced to recall Captain Kathryn Janeway to assist in locating the missing Seven of Nine, in 2376, she explained she would not be able to be back for another forty-eight hours because they were at the outer rim of the Pendari system. (VOY: "Tsunkatse")


The galactic barrier at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy was described by the Kelvan, Rojan, to be "an energy barrier at the rim of [the] galaxy." (TOS: "By Any Other Name")

The USS Enterprise-D spent some time on the outer rim in 2364, during which the ship had little contact with Starfleet Command. Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard would later mention this to Captain Tryla Scott when she asked him if he had noticed anything unusual about Starfleet Command. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

Dannus V was described "just shy of the Gamma Quadrant, near the galactic rim". (DIS: "Terra Firma, Part 1")


After the USS Enterprise-D traveled over a billion light years beyond known space, Captain Jean-Luc Picard encountered a facsimile of his maman he was in disbelief she was "here". She responded, "You mean out here? At what you say us the end of the universe? Or do you see this as the beginning of it?" He explained "we believed it the outer rim" of the universe, before his discussion was cut short. (TNG: "Where No One Has Gone Before")

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