Oxilon was the Council Regent of a group of 500 Talaxians who took refuge on an asteroid that they turned into their home. They had already been pushed off at least one world where they fled after the war with the Haakonians.

In 2378, a group of miners wanted the Talaxians to leave their new home. Neelix, who had crashed on their asteroid, suggested that they should resist the miners, but Oxilon was at first reluctant to take a stand, worrying that it would make things worse. Neelix took him aboard USS Voyager, and Kathryn Janeway offered to mediate the dispute. Oxilon agreed to the mediation. After the failed negotiation, Janeway agreed to transport the homesteaders and their supplies to the nearest M-class planet, an offer Oxilon accepted – wishing to avoid a conflict at all costs.

Neelix and Dexa, a female Talaxian that had nursed Neelix back to health after the crash, persuaded Oxilon to resist the miners, pointing out that the Talaxians might only be displaced again and that it was time to take a stand. Although at first he was worried that people would be hurt, Oxilon decided that his people would resist. Oxilon piloted a ship that implanted force field emitters to protect the asteroid from the miners. With the assistance of Neelix and the crew of the USS Voyager, the Talaxian settlers were able to activate the force field, forcing the miners to leave. Neelix elected to stay behind with the Talaxians while Voyager continued on to the Alpha Quadrant. (VOY: "Homestead")

Oxilon was played by actor Rob LaBelle.
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