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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Picard, and thus may contain spoilers.

Chronological list of studio models appearing in Star Trek: Picard.

This list is of all new model designs that first appeared in Picard. Information on models that represented a single design can be found in the articles linked below. Information on models that were recycled or refurbished to represent different vessels or props from different species in all series will be listed herein.

Season 1Edit

Federation News Network drone Edit

  • No information yet

Château Picard farm implements Edit


A hover tractor

Federation drone Edit

  • No information yet

Daystrom Institute floating city Edit

Daystrom Institute

A floating city at the Daystrom Institute

  • No information yet

Romulan starship Edit

Romulan transport

A Romulan warbird

Romulan force field emitter/warning buoy Edit

  • No information yet

Romulan workbee Edit

Romulan drone Edit

Romulan drone

Romulan drone

  • No information yet

Wallenberg-class Edit

Wallenberg class

A Wallenberg-class tug

Federation shuttle (2385) Edit

Federation Shuttle 2385

A Federation shuttle, 2385

Federation orbital weapon platform Edit

Martian planetary defense system satellite

Mars orbital weapon platforms

Aircar Edit

Aircar, 2399


  • No information yet

Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter Edit

La Sirena, fore

La Sirena

Romulan warbird Edit

Romulan warbird, 2399

Romulan warbird

Seven of Nine's ship Edit

Seven of Nine's ship

Seven's ship

Freecloud drone Edit

  • No information yet

Snakehead Edit



Borg hull drone Edit

  • No information yet

Orchid Edit

Synth orchid

A synth orchid

Oh's warbird Edit

Oh's warbird

Oh's warbird

Inquiry class Edit

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