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This page contains information specifically pertaining to the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy. The season debuted on 28 October 2021 on streaming service Paramount+ in weekly installments, but its run was interrupted twice in order to make room for other Kurtzman-era Star Trek productions. It was first broadcast by Nickelodeon (for whom the show had been commissioned in the first place) on 17 December 2021 but this concerned the premiere episode only. It was only on 8 July 2022, well over a year after its Paramount+ premiere, that the series as a whole started its broadcast run on the channel in the home market, though it had debuted earlier in several overseas markets on local subsidiaries, particularly in those markets which were at the time not yet being served by Paramount+ or one of its derivatives.


Title Episode Production number Stardate US release date
Part 1
"Lost and Found" 1x01/02 101/102 Unknown 2021-10-28
"Starstruck" 1x03 103 Unknown 2021-11-04
"Dream Catcher" 1x04 104 Unknown 2021-11-11
"Terror Firma" 1x05 105 Unknown 2021-11-18
Hiatus for DIS Season 4, part 1
Part 2
"Kobayashi" 1x06 106 Unknown 2022-01-06
"First Con-tact" 1x07 107 Unknown 2022-01-13
"Time Amok" 1x08 108 607125.6 2022-01-20
"A Moral Star, Part 1" 1x09 109 Unknown 2022-01-27
"A Moral Star, Part 2" 1x10 110 61103.1 2022-02-03
Hiatus for DIS Season 4, part 2, PIC Season 2, SNW Season 1, and LD Season 3
Part 3
"Asylum" 1x11 111 61209.5 2022-10-27
"Let Sleeping Borg Lie" 1x12 112 61284.3 2022-11-03
"All the World's a Stage" 1x13 113 61296.9 2022-11-10
"Crossroads" 1x14 114 61302.7 2022-11-17
"Masquerade" 1x15 115 Unknown 2022-11-24
"Preludes" 1x16 116 Unknown 2022-12-01
"Ghost in the Machine" 1x17 117 Unknown 2022-12-08
"Mindwalk" 1x18 118 Unknown 2022-12-15
"Supernova, Part 1" 1x19 119 Unknown 2022-12-22
"Supernova, Part 2" 1x20 120 Unknown 2022-12-29


In 2383, on the Tars Lamora prison colony located in the Delta Quadrant, The Unwanted mine for chimerium. One young prisoner named Dal R'El seeks a means to escape, and in the process discovers an abandoned Federation starship, the USS Protostar along with Brikar prisoner Rok-Tahk. Together with the Medusan Zero, the Tellarite Jankom Pog, the Mellanoid slime worm Murf, and Gwyndala, daughter of Tars Lamora's overseer The Diviner, the six young outcasts commandeer the ship and use it to escape. Now having to figure out how to work together while navigating a greater galaxy, in search for a better future, they are helped by Hologram Janeway, a holographic training advisor modeled after Starfleet Captain Kathryn Janeway. Over the course of their adventures together, the crew are each introduced to Starfleet and the ideals it represents as they encounter strange new life and civilizations.

Background information[]

  • Netflix promotional poster for Prodigy season 1

    The Christmas 2023 first season announcement on Netflix

    A series of "Star Trek Logs" began being released on Instagram throughout the second half of the season. These short videos consist of in-universe personal log recordings from Kathryn Janeway, posted after each new episode. [1]
  • Prodigy's first season was used by the Star Trek franchise as the stopgap measure to ensure an uninterrupted and continuous weekly supply of new Star Trek television productions from November 2021 onward until the end of 2022. This was achieved by breaking up the season in several parts, and using each of them to bridge a production gap between the other Kurtzman-era productions. 2022 therefore became the first year that has featured a new Star Trek (television) production every week and the first (and only) time the franchise had managed that feat in the context of their "Star Trek Universe" all-under-one-roof franchise concept, instituted a year earlier.
  • As has become increasingly commonplace in the world of animation, the CGI animated ones in particular, most of the actual animation was outsourced to foreign animation studios and their employees, typically located in low-wage countries such as either mainland China, India or both. In Prodigy's case one of these concerned the Bangalore, India-based Micros Animation studio (originally of French origin), [2] which became nominated in 2023 for an Indian Ann Award in the most prestigious category for their work on the first season of the series, an award they did not win however. One of their (otherwise uncredited) employees though, did win the individual one in its most prestigious category (see: below). [3]
  • On 23 June 2023, Prodigy was unexpectedly cancelled by Paramount+ (see here for the purported reasons). While Season 2 was allowed to finish post-production, it, along with the series as a whole, was to be sold to any interested third-party outsider. [4] The series removal from Paramount+ was affected three days later, on 26 June 2023. [5] On broadcast hiatus at the time of its cancellation, the series was not allowed to return to Nickelodeon either besides being completely shunned at the franchise festivities surrounding the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series three months later (save for the representation of the Prodigy characters on an early official, pre-cancellation anniversary promo poster, but removed from a later official post-cancellation promo poster excepting a barely noticeable Murf the unknown poster artist had surreptitiously left behind), constituting in essence an elimination from the franchise. The decision to banish Prodigy from that same franchise and offer it up to third-party outsiders ran therefore counter to their own "Star Trek Universe" all-under-one-roof franchise umbrella concept instituted at the start of 2021. [6] [7] [8]
  • After Prodigy was removed from the franchise, it became streaming service Netflix who picked up the show for their platform, committing themselves to stream the show's second season, which was nearing completion at the time. The pickup was made public on 11 October 2023, with the concurrent announcement that the first season too was to be made available on the streamer during the 2023 Christmas season as a warming-up. [9] [10]



On 1 November 2022, Prodigy's first season was nominated by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in the first annual Children's and Family Emmy Awards (a Daytime Emmy Awards spin-off) for an Emmy Award in two categories, including one of its most coveted categories, that of "Outstanding Animated Series". [11] [12] A Johnny-come-lately sound category nomination followed suit on 2 November 2023 for the season's Part 3. [13] In this, the show has thereby essentially followed in the footsteps of its illustrious Star Trek: The Animated Series predecessor when it was included in the inaugural nominee lineup in a corresponding category of the then newly instituted Daytime Emmy Awards back in 1974. But like its predecessor, it failed to secure the win on its first run, though winning the lesser one on 11 December 2022. [14]

Instituted in 2019, the Ann Awards are Indian animation industry accolades awarded for achievements by that nation's companies and production staff working in the field, [15] and is emblematic of the prominent place India has over the past few decades come to occupy in the animation segment of the worldwide motion picture industry.

The even more Johnny-come-lately 2024 inaugural Gold Collision Award (while American, an Indian initiative and comparable to the Ann Awards) was a three-way tie, Prodigy had to share with two other animated shows. [16] [17]

2022/23 Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 awards and honors
Award Category Nominees Result
Ann Awards Best Animated Series Mikros Animation [18] nominated
Best Animator Rakshith A (animator) [19] won
Collision Award (Gold) Television Series-Kids & Family Paramount+/CBS Studios
Children's and Family Emmy Awards Individual Achievement in Animation Allessandro Taini (Production Designer)
Outstanding Animated Series Aaron Baiers, Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman, Katie Krentz, Alex Kurtzman, Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth, Ben Hibon, Patrick Krebs, MacGregor Middleton, Robyn Johnson, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Chad Quandt, Aaron Waltke, Tanya Melendez, Heather Kadin and Jennifer Gay (all producers) nominated
Sound Mixing and Sound Editing For An Animated Program (for Part 3) Otis Van Osten, Josh Eckberg, Brittany Ellis, Matt Klimek, Ron Salaises, Michael Wessner, Aran Tanchum, Vincent Guisetti, Tommy Sarioglou, and Nami Melumad [20]
TCA Award Outstanding Achievement in Family Programming Dan Hageman (executive producer), Kevin Hageman (executive producer), Ben Hibon (co-executive producer), Patrick Krebs (supervising producer), MacGregor Middleton (producer), Aaron Waltke (co-producer), Julie Benson (co-producer), Shawna Benson (co-producer), Chad Quandt (co-producer), and Jennifer Gay (producer)
Tell-Tale TV Awards Favorite Animated Series Paramount+ [21] won


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