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Caretaker's farm house

The Victorian building seen in "Caretaker"

Caretaker's barn

The barn seen in "Caretaker"

Paddison Farm is a ranch and farm in 11951 Imperial Highway, Norwalk, California 90650 which was used as filming location during the production of the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode "Caretaker" in 1994.

The Victorian farmhouse, the surrounding garden, and the large barn were used to portray the farm aboard the Caretaker's array. Filming took place on Tuesday 4 October 1994 and Wednesday 5 October 1994 as one of four filming locations outside the Paramount Studios.

The original painting of an automobile on the front of the large barn was covered by the art department with a fake partial roof. The interior shots of the barn were later filmed at Paramount Stage 16. Location Manager for this filming location was Lisa White.

Other productions which were filmed at this location include the television drama The Dreamer of Oz (1990, written by Richard Matheson, art direction by David Negron, and with actors Jerry Maren and Christopher Pettiet), the drama Waiting for the Wind (1991), and the science fiction/horror film The Puppet Masters (1994, with Julie Warner, Yaphet Kotto, Sam Anderson, J. Patrick McCormack, Nicholas Cascone, Andrew Robinson, Donna Garrett, Todd Bryant, James Do Pearson, Katy Summerland, Bill Blair, and Joyce Lasley).

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