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Pair Match


Pair Match game units in Ten Forward

Bandai pair match

Troi and Alexander playing

Pair Match is a tabletop electronic matching game for one or two players originally produced and marketed in 1984 by Bandai for the Japanese market. The game played like an audio version of Concentration – you need to match pairs of sound effects hidden behind squares on the display.

The game was used as a display piece in the Ten Forward lounge aboard the USS Enterprise-D (much like the Terrace board game), but not primarily as a game unit. Rather, it was possibly meant to be a "wait call" device to signal a server over to your table.

The unit was used as a game in the episode "Ethics", where Deanna Troi and Alexander Rozhenko played it while waiting for Worf to undergo his spinal column replacement surgery.

Also, a couple, sitting behind Troi and Worf is seen playing the game in Ten Forward when the crew was affected by Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome in the episode "Genesis".

Another crewmember was seen playing with the game in "The Vengeance Factor" and it appeared prominently in the episode "Ensign Ro".

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