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Palitoy was a British toy and game company that attained its greatest success during the 1970s and 1980s while producing licensed toys and games based on many popular franchises such as Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.

Star Trek releases

Boxed Palitoy transporter toy (l) in The Big Bang Theory

Besides being licensed to market Mego Star Trek action figures and toys in the UK, Palitoy also independently produced a Star Trek board game. It also produced a few variants of Mego's toys, some of which are currently considered to be rare collectors' items.

The company's resources were acquired by Hasbro following the company's closure in 1984.

The Mego "transporter room" toy featured in an episode of The Big Bang Theory was as a separately-boxed item (the US Mego version was part of a larger playset) actually only available in the UK through Palitoy, and considered to be exceptionally rare by collectors. [1]

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