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Palor Toff was a merchant and collector of rare items who lived during the mid-24th century.

In 2366, Kivas Fajo paid a visit to Toff's home on Lya IV and brought him aboard to see the new centerpiece of his collection, Lieutenant Commander Data, a Soong-type android. However, while Toff was there, Data acted like an inanimate object, causing Toff to think Fajo had been tricked. He found the whole thing amusing, and retreated to "play" with Varria, whom he regarded as more fun than "Fajo's new toy". (TNG: "The Most Toys")


Background information

Palor Toff was played by actor Nehemiah Persoff.

He was described in the script simply as a "patrician, well-tailored".

The golden head band in Star Patrol!

His robe was later reused and worn by a member of the Federation Archaeology Council in the episode "Qpid".

The golden band was also reused in the sixth season episode "Aquiel" as a decoration in Aquiel Uhnari's quarters. It was also re-used in 2000 for wear by actor Bill Chott as Zenuvian captain in Jonathan Frakes' Star Trek spoof Star Patrol!.

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