Paltani was a Takret lieutenant and first officer of the Takret starship that attempted to seize Enterprise NX-01 in 2152.

Paltani brought status reports to his captain and had problems with the dilithium matrix when bringing the warp drive online. He was the first of the Takret Militia who suggested that they leave the ship when they found out that Captain Jonathan Archer was still onboard and managed to set a course directly into a plasma eddy of the neutronic storm. He took over at the communications and science station on the bridge before abandoning Enterprise. (ENT: "The Catwalk")

Lieutenant Paltani was played by actor Brian Cousins who filmed his scenes in late October 2002 on Paramount Stage 18.
His name wasn't scripted but was mentioned in dialogue in the episode while the credits list him as "Alien Lieutenant". In the final draft script of "The Catwalk", he was consistently referred to merely as a Takret lieutenant.
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