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Pam Blackwell (born 20 December 1951; age 70) is an actress who was a background performer in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, as well as in Star Trek Generations. As a background performer she received no credit for her Trek work.

Blackwell was selling antiques at an antique market when she met Dennis Tracy, who invited her to have lunch with him at Paramount. She met Michael Westmore and learned that they share a good friend, makeup artist Al Fleming. Westmore asked her if she would be interested in portraying a female Borg, and Blackwell was. Westmore created on her the new "waspish" look for the Borg and Blackwell was one of the performers who filmed several days' scenes for the Star Trek: The Next Generation double episode "Descent" and "Descent, Part II", and there she got her nickname Pam Borg.

Blackwell was photographed with fellow "Homeward" actor Ted Parker for The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine issue 29 in 1994. Her costume from the VOY episode "Critical Care" was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and was previously worn by actress Amanda Getty in the TNG episode "The Outcast". [1]

Beside her work on Star Trek, Blackwell was a nurse in Roland Emmerich's science fiction blockbuster Independence Day (1996), a "cake customer" in the 1998 comedy The Wedding Singer (with Ellen Albertini Dow, Angela Paton, and Al Burke), a featured performer on the fantasy comedy Monkeybone (2001, with Whoopi Goldberg, Mary Stein, Randall Bosley, Scott Workman, and Buddy Daniels Friedman), and a dead boat passenger in the fantasy sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007, with Lee Arenberg).

Blackwell also worked on a number of music videos including Van Halen's "Can't Stop Loving You", Howlin' Magic's "Alcohol", and Eric Heatherly's "Swimming in Champagne".

Recently, Blackwell portrayed a ghost in the Ghost Whisperer episode "Body of Water" (2008) for which Mark Donaldson was responsible for the water safety, Derek Johnson worked as stand-in, Alex Daniels as stunt coordinator as well as actors David Clennon and April Grace.

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